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The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is available for purchase!! This issue features actress Jenna-Louise Coleman who has been cast to be the Doctor’s new companion. The ish also focuses on some of the other parts Ms. Coleman has played on television and dishes on what we might expect from her character when she makes her debut in the next Christmas episode.

Also in this issue, interviews with Fifth Doctor companion Vislor Turlough himself Mark Strickson as well as Caroline Skinner and Sophia Myles. The Sixth Doctor episode The Twin Dilemma is featured in Fact or Fiction. DWM continues it’s countdown to the 50th Anniversary with a look at Series Seventeen which saw Douglas Adams’s time as Script Editor during Tom Baker’s tenure as the Fourth Doctor. As well as a list of 30 People every Doctor Who Fan should Follow on Twitter.

This issue reviews the Third Doctor television story The Daemon, the Fifth and sadly final series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Fourth Doctor audio play The Renaissance Man and the Sixth Doctor audio play The Fourth Wall.

In Coming Soon, the Fourth Doctor television episode Nightmare on Eden and Fourth Doctor audio adventure Energy of the Daleks and Fifth Doctor audio adventure The Emerald Tiger, Torchwood audio book Fallout and William Russell performing The Wanderer for Companion Chronicle and the First Doctor story the Sensorites are all showcased.

A new comic book adventure with Part One of Sticks and Stones featuring the Doctor, Amy and Rory.

So pick up your copy of the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine while the ink is fresh 😉

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