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Volume II: Just Plain Bad: This volume features local author Trisha Wooldridge and Christy Tohara’s collaboration Party Crashers as well as Grim Necessity by Jeffrey Nyman.  Don’t worry about things going bump in the night, count yourself lucky if these fae give you that much warning. Lose yourself in twisted tales of homicidal faerie clowns, one man’s gladiatorial stand against Earth’s new overlords and a desperate mother’s confrontation with the fiercest pirates above the seven seas… not to mention dry land. Forget misunderstood; these faeries are Just Plain Bad!!








Volume III:  In All Their Glory: This volume features Last Gate to Faerie by Trisha Wooldridge and Christy Tohara as well as Uddereek by Hildy Silverman and a Brief Battle for the Throne by Jeffrey Lyman. We bring you tales of urban conflicts of lurking assassins, of defenders of the homefront, Eternal battles… between good and evil, right and wrong, Seelie and Unseelie… fought by timeless warriors whose battle cries echo throughout history and legend. Discover fae fighting the good fight with every turned page.  By Land, Air, or Sea, the battle lines are drawn… Which side are you on?








Praise for Bad Ass Faeries:

“Here are ninteen Faerie tales which in no way resemble the cute little faeries of our childhood… A terrific anthology that I am proud to recommend.” ~4 1/2 Stars, Detra Fitch, The Huntress Review

“[Bad Ass Faeries 2] was as much if not as enjoyable a read as its predecessor, and I will enjoy reading any other book that come across from these authors.” ~4 3/4 Stars, Top Pick, The Night Owl

Although Bad Ass Faeries Volume I may not currently be in stock at Annie’s, we ARE able to order copies of it. So come on down to Annie’s during normal business hours and order your copy today!!

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