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 This issue of Doctor Who Magazine asks the question “How much does Doctor Who really change every seven years?” in their cover story 49 Up.  Interview with Andy Pryor. The man instrumental in casting evert actor in Doctor Who since 2005 which included a fwe names like Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan who have made names for themselves since the series as well as a few known names suche as Michael Gambon and Sophie Okonedo.

In Gallifrey Guardian David Warner and Liam Cunningham are a couple of the stars mentioned who will be appearing in the upcoming 2012 series. A photo of current Doctor Matt Smith carrying the Olympic Torch in a scene that seems vaguely familiar to a Doctor Who episode. Hmm? We are introduced to Paul McGann’s latest traveling companion Molly O’Sullivan played by Ruth Bradley in the Eighth Doctors upcoming audio box set titled Dark Eyes. The Third Doctor’s television episode The Ambassadors of Death is the latest to be colorized.

Nicholas Peggs goes behind the team that brings us the DVD subtitles in Infomaniac. In A Battle of Wits, Toby Hadoke and Johnny Candon argue which Doctor Who monster should be reinvented next: The Ice Warriors or the Yeti? Fact or Fiction takes a look at the Ninth Doctor story Dalek. Find out what’s on top and what just is not in DWM’s Best  of 2011.

The Doctor and the Ponds continue their comic strip style adventure in Part Two of The Cornucopia Caper.

This month in reviews sees the Third Doctor episode Death to the Daleks, Tenth Doctor comic strip collection The Crimson Hand, Fourth Doctor audio adventure Trail of the White Worm, Sixth Doctor Lost Story The Guardians of Prophecy, Second Doctor Companion Chronicle The Jigsaw War read by Frazer Hines and the First Doctor story The Sensorites read by William Russell.

The Second Doctor television episode The Krotons, The Fourth Doctor audio adventure The Oseidon Adventure, Seventh Doctor audio adventure Protect and Survive and a new Eleventh Doctor novel Dark Horizons are featured in Coming Soon!!

So come on down to Annie’s and pick up your copy today!!

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