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Doctor Who Magazine #452 has hit the shelves here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester and much like last month’s issue they are offering two different covers. One featuring the cubes from The Power of Three and one featuring the Weeping Angels from The Angels Take Manhattan. The episode which we will bid farewell to the Ponds.

Both stories are featured in DWM Episode Previews. In The Power of Three DWM focuses on the Doctor’s unique relationship with the Ponds as well as meeting UNIT’s new scientific advisor Kate Stewart who turns out to be the daughter of another “Stewart” from the Doctor’s past. The Angels Take Manhattan we see the Doctor and the Ponds in New York where River Song and The Weeping Angels waiting for them. And their time traveling with the Doctor finally comes to an end.

Jenna-Louise Coleman’s suprise appearance as the ill-fated Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks. Is Oswin the new companion or will we be introduced to the Anne Chaplet to Oswin’s Dodo or the Martha to her Adeola. And so forth…

DWM continues The Trial of John Nathan-Turner with insight and observations from Steven Moffat, Phil Collison, Nicola Bryant, Paul Cornell and Andrew Cartmel as well as others who have both worked with JNT or written for Doctor Who and grew up on episodes produced during “The Reign of Turner”.

Countdown to 50 focuses on Season Twenty-Two which saw the first full season of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor after his introduction at the end of Season Twenty-One. This season saw a Doctor completely different from his prior incarnation. Both physically and mentally. It was a season all about transformation. Most notable, the viewers saw for the first and only time in the shows history a Doctor repairing the Chameleon Circut to the TARDIS… although only briefly before returning to it’s recognizable police box shape.

The Fourth Doctor tale The Seeds of Doom is the subject of this issue’s The Fact of Fiction. The Doctor and the Ponds comic strip style adventure continues in part two of The Broken Man. The Time Team takes a look at the Tenth Doctor story Army of Ghosts. And is Doctor Who at its best when it concentrates on telling horror stories or are its science-fiction tales better is the subject of this month’s Battle of Wits.

Current series episodes Asylum of the Daleks and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship go under the microscope in The DWM Review.  Also in reviews, the First Doctor episode Planet of the Giants, Seventh Doctor audio adventure Black and White, Sixth Doctor Lost Story The First Sontaran and Companion Chronicles The Time Museum narrated by William “Ian” Russell.

Coming Soon features Third Doctor episode The Ambassadors of Death. For Big Finish audio plays, The Burning Prince featuring the Fifth Doctor, The Acheron Pulse featuring the Sixth Doctor and Project: Nirvana featuring the Seventh Doctor.

So come on down to Annie’s during normal business hours and pick up an issue of Doctor Who Magazine with one or the other of these collectible covers… or both 😉

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