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Fresh from the printers and onto the shelves, the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has arrived here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester. In this issue Karen Gillian, who has played the Doctor’s feisty traveling companion Amy Pond gives her “final interview” as the character she has portrayed since Matt Smith took over the role of the Doctor in 2010.

Also in this issue DWM pays tribute to the late Mary Tamm who portrayed Time Lady Romana alongside Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor during their hunt for the segments of the Key to Time.

DWM also gives a sneak peek on how the show’s 50th year is shaping up with episodes being written by writers familiar with the current series such as Mark Gatiss and the showrunner himself Steven Moffat. And the series’s penultimate episode being written by Neil Gaiman.

In BEYOND THE TARDIS, DWM takes another sideways step and looks at Russell T. Davies’s new Wizards vs. Aliens and how Sarah Jane’s legacy lives on through the show. Some of the Doctor’s deadliest adversaries and alien nasties are mentioned in an Edward Gorey style in The A-Z of Dread. In Countdown to 50 we look at Series Twenty-Three’s season encompassing story Trial of a Timelord. A format that the series had not seen since The Key to Time story arc during the Tom Baker years. The Time Team looks at Tenth Doctor episode Doomsday which featured Daleks vs. Cybermen and saying farewell to Rose Tyler as a regular companion.

Although the Doctor has said his farewells to the Ponds, on television. Their comic adventures continue with part three of The Broken Man. In Battle of Wits, Johnny and Toby debate the subject are there circumstances where it’s acceptable for the Doctor to kill his enemies or should this be avoided at all costs?

DWM also looks at one of the best Doctor Who companions to never appear on television in 20 Years of Professor Bernice Summerfield: The Secret Companion. The article looks back at Benny’s debut novel Nove and War by Paul Cornell. Which is about to be adapted into an audio play for Big Finish starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Lisa Bowerman who has portrayed Benny in both an ongoing audio series of her own adventures as well as a couple of Doctor Who adventures in the past.

In The DWM Review, current series episodes A Town Called Mercy, The Power of Three and The Angels Take Manhattan all go under the microscope. Just out on DVD, classic series episode Vengeance on Varos starring Colin Baker is looked at. Seventh Doctor audio adventure Gods and Monsters, Lost Stories First Doctor tale The Masters of Luxor performed by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford and Second Doctor Companion Chronicle The Uncertainty Principle performed by Wendy Padbury are all showcased. In books DWM looks at graphic novel The Dalek Project as well as an unofficial guide to the new series Who is the Doctor by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith.

IN COMING SOON DWM looks at the release of the Third Doctor television story The Claws of Axos on DVD as well as a very unique box set of audio adventures titled UNIT: Dominion which features Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor as well as the return of Beth Chalmers as Raine a companion we met in the Seventh Doctor Lost Stories and Tracey Childs as Elizabeth Klein, a meglomaniac scientist from a timeline where the Nazi’s won the war. What makes this particular Big Finish adventure unique is the Seventh Doctor meets an unspecified future incarnation HIMSELF in the form of Alex MacQueen. Is he a fake? Is he an interim incarnation? Or is he indeed a future Doctor?

Well, you’ll just have to order a copy of UNIT: DOMINION from Annie’s and find out for yourself 😉

Also in COMING SOON Love and War starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Lisa Bowerman. Dark Eyes a box set of new adventures starring Paul McGann returning as the Eighth Doctor featured in his brand new costume and a brand new companion. Voyage to Venus starring Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor alongside old friends Jago and Litefood. Seventh Docto audio adventure Shadow Heart and Third Doctor Companion Chronicle The Last Post performed by the late Caroline John.

Come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester today to pick up your copy of DWM!!

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