Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Patty Dressed Up…Patty said to me…

Patty Cryan is the  owner of Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, a full-service bookstore here in central Massachusetts which sells new and used books, as well as toys, gifts, greeting cards, and audio titles. She has been in the retail book trade since 1987, with an emphasis on children’s books and speculative fiction works, both literary and media-related.

Patty’s two favorite books that she’d like to recommend are…

Ray Bradbury, DANDELION WINE – speculative fiction for adults, dandelionwinebut teens will enjoy it as well.

Peter Straub, GHOST STORY – horror for adults – not risque or anything, but the pre-cellphone, pre-internet setting may befuddle teens.

What makes these books a great gift?

1] DANDELION WINE: I make it a point to re-read DANDELION WINE at least twice a year; while it’s a tradition for me to read a chapter a day between the Summer Solstice and lbor Day, I also often find myself cracking it open on harsh winter days, when I need to believe in invincible summers. It’s less a novel and more a series of vignettes, which can be dipped into and sipped like, yes, a good glass of wine.

ghoststory2] GHOST STORY: The best horror novels do not need to have a slavering beast leaping from the shadows in order to terrify. Some of the most frightening tales can be found in the hearts of human beings. This book is the contrast of human fears to the utterly alien mindset of the “monsters”. Each and every human character in GHOST STORY is a fully-fleshed and recognizable everyman/everywoman, and you’ll find yourself talking back to the book to warn them, to weep over them, and to cheer them on.

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