Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

peaceWith all the sadness in the world, especially with what has transpired this week, what we could all use now is comfort. And more importantly peace.

Available for purchase at Annie’s is The Big Book of Peace.

In this era of glasnost and breathtakingly rapid political change, it’s hard to imagine a more timely and welcome book for children. The range of material included under the general umbrella of “peace” is wide, and includes original fables, poems, biographies, illustrations, etc. from such distinguished
contributors as Katherine Paterson, Maurice Sendak, Lois Lowry and Jerry Pinkney. The stories about the roots of war are told on a scale that children can grasp: envy between two girls in neighboring treehouses escalates into a cold war; a pair of princes squabble over their turf and eventually destroy each other’s kingdoms. Equally useful for home, library or classroom–where more and more teachers are including units on peace–this thoughtfully written, attractively designed volume is a winner in every way.

The perfect gift for your children, grandchildren and yourself. Because right now we could all use some peace.

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