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lovedone… Bret said to me…

My name is Bret M. Herholz and for Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, I work the register, am the store’s part-time graphics guy and officially am their unoffical “Blog Boy”. Outside of the store, I am the author of nine books and also work as a youth art instructor for the Worcester Art Museum, as well a few other after and during school classes. I am married to Syd and we live with a bitey and swatty cat.

Bret’s book recommendation is…

Title: The Loved One

Author Name: Evelyn Waugh

Genre: Humor/Satire

Audience Type: Adult

What makes this book a great gift?

A scathingly funny book for people who like dark comedy and satire. Evelyn Waugh serves up a very witty book poking fun at the American Funeral Business and the obsessive ways we treat the dead and the lavish ways some cemeteries in the state can be. The dead are sometimes treated better than the living. Whispering Glades is actually based on a place called Forest Lawn in California. And for those who have been to Mt. Auburn in Massachusetts, you might think of there while you’re reading the book. The book is filled with funny lines and bizarre characters. Although the characters in the book are almost completely unlikable, Waugh’s wit and writing style are very enjoyable and funny.

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