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Picture1The Christmas Issue of Doctor Who Magazine has arrived poly-bagged with some exciting goodies inside. What’s inside? Well!! We wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you!!

This issue focuses on this year’s Christmas Special The Snowman which formally introduces the Doctor’s new companion Clara as well as a decidedly new look for Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor…

…however, his bow tie is still present and accounted for.

Set in Victorian England, the episode features the return of Madame Vastra and her faithful assistant Jenny as well as Sontaran “nurse” Strax back from the dead. And the entire episode is topped off nicely with a bow with guest star Richard E. Grant as the fiendish Dr. Simeon who has under his control some decidedly nasty Snowmen.

This is not REG’s first brush with Who. He had played the “Quite Handsome” Doctor in Steven Moffat’s comic relief sketch comedy The Curse of Fatal Death as well as the unofficial Ninth Doctor in the web animation Scream of the Shalka written by Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell.

Jenna-Louise Coleman’s Clara, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax are all featured in their own little featurettes.

Beyond the TARDIS features Sixth Doctor Colin Baker who has recently taken part in a British celeb reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! which stuck him in the middle of the jungle with other British Celebrities.

Countdown To 50 focuses on the Silver Jubilant Series Twenty-Five. After the tumultuous (and somewhat silly) beginning of the Sylvester McCoy’s beginnings in the prior series,  Doctor Who’s twenty-fifth anniversary year saw the return of some old favorites in the guise of the Cybermen and the Daleks. For the cynical and disillusioned fans, the appearances of man-made candy robots, girls with pink hair, painful fan-nerd parody and the Doctor doing conjuring looked more of the same from the prior series. But looks can be deceiving. In Series Twenty, we see the beginnings of the darker, more manipulative persona Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor would ultimately come to be known for in all episodes that followed as well as Sophie Aldred’s Ace. A companion who was a positive upgrade to Bonnie Langford’s Mel.

The Time Team takes a look at the 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride which would formally introduce Catherine Tate’s fan-favorite companion Donna Noble after a brief appearance at the end of Doomsday the series prior.

This issue’s comic book style adventure Imaginary Enemies stars outgoing companion Ameila “Amy” Pond.

The Watcher’s Guide To… focuses on many Doctor Who actors long standing association with Pantomime. Also referred to as Panto. Also how Panto has influenced the series as well.

In A Battle of Wits, the question is asked Next Year will be most exciting time to be a fan ever. But which year has been the best so far? 1983 or 2005? With the pro’s and cons of both years in fandom argued.

The Next Doctor is the focus of Fact or Fiction. It’s Christmas Eve 1851. A nice year, a bit dull. That is until a giant Cyberman starts stomping all over London.

The Third Doctor episode The Claws of Axos is the main feature in DWM Reviews. Also in reviews is Doctor Who Series Seven: Part One. Seventh Doctor audios Love and War and Unit: Dominion are given high marks. Sixth Doctor Main Series Audio The Acheron Pulse also goes under the microscope as does the Eleventh Doctor comic book collection The Child of Time. The Legacy Collection featuring the unmade story Shada and the 1994 Special More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS are the focus of Coming Soon.

So come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester and pick up your copy today!!

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