Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

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9781615728220 Available for purchase at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is The Muses by Rose Mambert. If you like vampires and rock and roll, this book is right up your alley!!

Sex, blood and rock n’ roll

When indie rock journalist, Nick Landry pursues the elusive singer of The Muses, a mysterious woman known only as Blue, he eventually uncovers the band’s dark secret: they are vampires.

Recent fame, however, leads to other complications for the band. Dimitri, an ancient vampire from guitarist Christian’s past, returns to “play the game” again. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a new vampire hunter in town-hell bent on revenge.

In the final showdown, who will emerge from the battle undead?


“If you like your vampires sexy and scary in equal measure, your characters complex and involving, your plotlines engrossing and page-turning, then Rose Mambert has the recipe for you. The Muses is a tasty concoction indeed, but just remember this warning from one of its characters: ‘Don’t eat the groupies!'” – Jeffrey Thomas, author of Blood Society
“Mambert’s vampires are both cunning and beastly, deceptive yet heartfelt. Her vividly painted creatures radiate a collage of emotions with which readers will instantly identify. Not since Poppy Z. Brite’s Lost Souls has the literary vampire exuded and delivered such dark intentions and ultimate pleasures of the inhuman condition. The Muses draws blood…hard!” – Andrew Wolter, award-winning author of Much of Madness, More of Sin
“If you are searching for dark literature that is as grim as it is compelling, as beautiful as it is complex, you will find it in The Muses. The story, characters, and writing are unrelentingly haunting and sexy in equal measure. Mambert’s hypnotic voice cannot be denied.” – John Edward Lawson, author of SuiPsalms
Come on down Annie’s during normal business hours and pick up your copy today!!

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