Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

anniesexterior_smallAccording to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is on its way early, this year!  I know most of us here at ABSW are ready to welcome spring with open arms.  In fact, we’re already working on some spring cleaning, revamping, and–of course—events!

One of the big things we’ve updated is our website!  Our new web address is  The front page lists our discounts and trade-in policy for those interested.  We also have a new events page where you can see what’s going on in the store:  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Coming this Saturday, February 9th, we have a panel of four New England authors coming in to discuss writing about the dead in celebration of the ancient Roman holiday, Parentalia, were the dead are honored.  From ghosts to the undead, find out about what research these authors did and how they formed their writing around those who have shrugged off their mortal coil.  The authors will share their differing approaches to writing about the subject matter as well as their knowledge of various beliefs, myths, and customs ranging from the lighthearted to the downright scary, from real-life encounters to those that are completely fictitious. The presentation will be followed by a book signing. Copies of the authors’ books will be available to purchase. (Parts of this presentation are not for children.) Authors Terri Bruce, Jennifer Pelland, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, and Morven Westfield comprise this panel.

Also on Friday, February 22, the Worcester Storytellers host their Open Mic night. This coming event will feature New England author and poet Heather J. Macpherson.  Readers of all genres, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, are welcome to share at this regular event happening on the fourth Friday of every month. Heather J. Macpherson’s work has appeared in The Worcester Review, Two Hawks Quarterly, Spillway, Blueline, Pearl, OVS, Wicked Alice, Nerve Cowboy and other fine publications. She has poems forthcoming in Weave and CLARE Literary Magazine. She is the founding publisher and editor of Ballard Street Poetry Journal, now under the auspices of the lovely and talented Jenith Charpentier. Heather is also the features editor for the fall 2013 issue of The Worcester Review.

Come March, Annie’s will be hosting a Teacher Appreciation week from March 10th-March 16th.  In addition to special pricing and sales just for teachers, we’ll host a different speaker each day who will offer their insights on classroom learning on a variety of topics.  Confirmed speakers include Loree Griffin Burns, who will be talking about hands-on science learning; C.C. Beechum, who will be discussing ways to make Shakespeare more accessible to our children; Trisha Wooldridge, who will share new tricks in teaching students to write and self-edit; and the Broad Universe Literary Coalition, who will discuss the contributions of and how to include more women authors of speculative and genre fiction.  More speaker and RSVP information to come! Keep an eye on our website!

As always, for you crafty readers, feel free to stop into the stores on Wednesdays (where no events are previously scheduled) for our Spinning Yarns events to knit, crochet, or work on your craft while listening to an audiobook or audio drama!

May your lives be filled with beautiful words!

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