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DWM457_COVERThird Doctor Jon Pertwee is the focus of this month’s Doctor Who Magazine reprinting an interview he conducted with two young journalists Matt Adams and David Southwell back in 1994. In the article Jon talks about his early life growing up in a family of actors and playwrights.  His time as the Third Doctor as well as his relationships with some of his Doctor Who co-stars at the time. And his time after Doctor Who. Which includes his famous “feud” (to use the phrase very lightly) on camera and at conventions with Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. He also talks very glowingly about his son Sean Pertwee. Who was just starting out on his own respective career at the time the interview was being conducted.

Also inside are some of the romances between characters from the classic and current series in Doctor Who’s Greatest Love Stories. Countdown to 50 looks back at the 1996 Television Movie starring Paul McGann’s only (to date) onscreen appearance as the Eighth Doctor. It also focuses on some memorable moments from the movie as well as a look at both producer Philip Segal and star Paul McGann.

The Doctor’s comic book style adventures continue in part two of Hunters in the Stone where the Doctor is brought together again with his old friends Ian and Barbara.

Fact or Fiction takes a look at Jon Pertwee’s final episode Planet of the Spiders. Along with looking at each part of the episode in depth, it also looks at what could have been the final appearance for Jon Pertwee called The Final Game. Which would have also been the final appearance of Roger Delgado as the Master. Which was not meant to be due to the actor’s untimely death.

The DVD release of the First Doctor Episode The Reign of Terror with animated segments filling in the gaps for the missing episodes is the main focus of this month’s DWM Review. Audiogo’s release in the Destiny of the Doctors series features the First Doctor and Susan in Hunters of the Earth performed by Carole Ann Ford. Also in reviews, Big Finish’s 1001 Nights starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton as the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.  The Sixth Doctor’s adventures with Henry Jago and Professor Litefoot continue in Voyage to the New Worlds starring Colin Baker alongside Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter. The Child performed by Louise Jameson is the latest Companion Chronicles release..

Featured in Coming Soon is the DVD release of the Fourth Doctor television story The Ark in Space. The Sixth Doctor and his “new” companion Melanie “Mel” Bush’s adventures continue in Spaceport Fear. Tom Baker and Mary Tamm star as the Fourth Doctor and Romana in the next installment of the Fourth Doctor Adventures The Sands of Life which also features veteran actor David Warner as well as John Leeson as K9.

So come on down during normal business hour and pick up your copy today!!

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