Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

march lion lambAt least, we hope winter is leaving – and leaving soon – over here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester. (Apologies to our friends who actually like this weather… maybe the mountains will stay cold and snowy for you for a while.)

In any case, the not-quite-worth-a-name storm over this weekend has postponed our “Ghosts, Spirits, and the Afterlife” panel, yet again.  We’re working on rescheduling it, though, and we will let you know soon – and you can help us defy fate and have this panel that, clearly, the Universe is scared of us having.

In the meantime, we’re working on March and April!  Here’s the Lowdown!

Teacher Appreciation Week

We’re thanking our local teachers and educators for all their hard work with an extra sale and events designed for educators from March 10-16.

In addition to a special 10% educator discount on top of existing discounts for teachers… on top of our existing discounts on books, we’ll host a different speaker each day who will offer insights on classroom learning on a variety of topics.

Monday, March 11: Loree Griffin Burns on science in the classroom

Tuesday, March 12: C. C. Beechum on getting students involved with Shakespeare

Wednesday, March 13: Jack Haringa on including genre fiction in the classroom

Thursday, March 14: Trisha J. Wooldridge on helping students self-edit their writing

Friday, March 15: Greg Fishbone on inspiring students to write fiction

Saturday, March 16: The Broad Universe Literary Coalition on celebrating women genre authors in the classroom

Worcester Storytellers

On Friday, March 22, we’ll have a special Worcester Storytellers for students.  Featuring five students from Heather Macpherson’s North Brookfield Creative Writing class, the night will start at 7:00 with its usual open mic for all types of writing: fiction, poetry, essays and more!

April is the Cruelest Month

It’s also National Poetry Month!  So, we’re celebrating both.

Dark Carnival of Authors

Saturday, April 13th will bring us 13 authors with dark tales for this full-day event of readings, signings, and meet-and-greet sessions!  Stay tuned for more info.


Horror Poetry Evening

Friday, April 19th invites you to listen to chillingly beautiful – or beautifully disturbing – or some combination thereof – poetry.  Members of the New England Horror Writers and other dark poets are looking to share their written nightmares with you.

Worcester Storytellers

The Worcester Storytellers feature returns on Friday, April 26, featuring Michael Fisher. Readers of all genres, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, are welcome to share at this regular event happening on the fourth Friday of every month.

And, as always, for you crafty readers, feel free to stop into the stores on Wednesdays (where no events are previously scheduled) for our Spinning Yarns events to knit, crochet, or work on your craft while listening to an audiobook or audio drama!

So, come in and join us for a fun Spring-Welcoming event, and may your lives be filled with beautiful words!

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