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doctorwhomagazine It is returning, and he is returning, and they are returning… Doctor and Clara are back and we get to meet the Doctor’s new companion Clara for the first time… again… it’s complicated. But you can try and make sense of the girl who died twice before in the feature article which outlines what to look forward to in the upcoming series in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE #458. Which includes the return of the Ice Warriors. The Martian race who have not been seen since the 1974 story The Monster of Peladon. Readers will also get a good look at the new look Cybermen in a story written by Sandman and Neverwhere scribe Neil Gaiman.

The only question is are they the Mondas Cybermen first introduced in the classic series? Or are they the Cybermen from the parallel Earth introduced in the current series?

We also get a first glimpse of David Bradley (Argus Filch from Harry Potter) as William Hartnell in the upcoming Docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time written by Doctor Who series writer Mark Gatiss.

The lost interview with Third Doctor actor Jon Pertwee continues.  In part two, Jon discusses his final days as the Doctor, his hand in choosing Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, life after Doctor Who, reprising the role of the Third Doctor for stage and radio and his annoyance over the BBC’s decision to pull the plug on what could have been a gritty and serious Doctor Who anniversary story in 1993 for the charity pantomime Dimension in Time. Jon even gets emotional over the fate over the real-life inspiration for Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh.

Several Doctor Who actors including Sylvester McCoy, Frazer Hines, Nicola Bryant, Louise Jameson, Sophie Aldred and Bernard Cribbins take part in the quiz show Pointless. Since Colin Baker was involved in another show at the time, Andrew Hayden-Smith stood in for him since he was unavailable because he was taking part in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! at the time of the filming.

Countdown to 50 continues as DWM looks at those “Fantastic Days” of Series Twenty-Seven… well… Series One of the 2005 relaunch of Doctor Who. The brand new series would feature a brand new Doctor in the form of Christopher Eccleston alongside Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. A series that would feature the return of old baddies like the Autons/Nestines and the Daleks and a few new monsters two the Slitheen and Gelth. It’s a series that debuted future Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat now classic two-parter THE EMPTY CHILD and THE DOCTOR DANCES which would also introduce everyone to fan favorite time agent and con-man (by his own admission) Captain Jack Harkness. We also come to find out that the Doctor is the last of his race after both the Time Lords and the Daleks were destroyed in one last big Time War… or so we think. And the whole series comes to a head with the Ninth Doctor regenerating after he saved Rose’s life and introducing us to David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.

The Fifth Doctor television story ENLIGHTMENT is featured in Fact or Fiction. A story that saw the conclusion of The Black Guardian Trilogy. The Eleventh Doctor and old friends Ian and Barbara’s comic style adventures continue in Part Three of HUNTERS OF THE BURNING STONE. The Time Team takes a look at Elizabethian England, William Shakespeare and witches in the Tenth Doctor’s story THE SHAKESPEARE CODE.  In GREAT SCOT! Frazer Hines discusses how  he would love to resurrect fan favorite “hairy-legged Highlander” and Second Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon. In the interview he discusses his time during and after Doctor Who as well as his return to the role of Jamie in the 1980’s. He also discusses how he considered staying on the program after Patrick Troughton left and how he would have interacted with Jon Pertwee.

This months DWM REVIEWS the special Edition of the Fourth Doctor television story THE ARK IN SPACE. A story both Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat declare to be their favorite story from the classic series. They also take a look some of the new DVD extras available on the release. One of which, DR. FOREVER!  is the first part of a series that looks at how Doctor Who continued to be produced outside the confines of the television series.

Also being reviewed is brand new e-book DEVIL IN THE SMOKE by Justin Richards featuring Silurian Madame Vastra, and her ever faithful companions Jenny and Sontaran Strax as seen in the Christmas special The Snowmen. In Big Finish THE WRONG DOCTOR the first adventure starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Bonnie Langford as “new” companion Melanie “Mel” Bush gets high marks as does NIGHT OF THE STORMCROW starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Fourth Doctor and Leela. Also in reviews, THE AUNTIE MATTER, the first of the new series of adventures featuring Tom Baker and Mary Tamm as the Fourth Doctor and Romana I is reviewed. The latest companion Chronicles THE FLAMES OF CADIZ, an adventure featuring the First Doctor, is performed by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford goes under the microscope.

So come on down to Annie’s during normal business hours and pick up your copy today!!

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