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Although we don’t have the answer to that just yet, you can read all about how it came about that series writer Mark Gatiss convinced Steven Moffat to bring the Ice Warriors back to the series and get your first official peek at the costume design which sticks closely to their original look.

Also in this issue DWM makes the formal announcement of David Tennant and Billie Piper’s return for the 50th Anniversary!! Also starring in the special is veteran actor John Hurt (Elephant Man/Harry Potter) in an episode current Doc Matt Smith described as “Just spellbinding”.

DWM previews THE RINGS OF AKHATEN, the Ice Warriors return in COLD WAR, HIDE and JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS. In which fans of the series will get to see more of the TARDIS than they ever have.

Anneke Wills discusses time during and after as First and Second Doctor companion Polly as well as her relationship with Doctor Who actors William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton in TASTE OF THE 60’s .

Countdown to 50 takes a look at Season Twenty-Eight (aka Series Two of the current series). The first full season of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor which also saw the return of Elisabeth Sladen as fan-favorite Sarah Jane Smith, the redesigned and reimagined Cybermen from a parallel Earth, the departure of Mickey Smith, the first appearance of Torchwood,  the return of the Daleks, Pete Tyler back from the dead…. sort of…. a Cyberman invasion from the parallel Earth, the return and departure (again!!) of Mickey Smith all leading up to the departure of Rose Tyler!!!!


Second Doctor television episode THE ICE WARRIORS is the subject in FACT OR FICTION. The comic strip style adventure of the Eleventh Doctor, Ian and Barbara continue in Part Four of Hunters of the Burning Stone. The Time Team takes a look at Episode 727 GRIDLOCK.

DWM REVIEW looks at THE BELLS OF SAINT JOHN which begins the second half of Series 7. Also in reviews the DVD release of the First Doctor episode THE AZTECS. Big Finish releases Spaceport Fear starring Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford as the Sixth Doctor and Mel, The Sands of Life starring Tom Baker, Mary Tamm and John Leeson and the Fourth Doctor, Romana I and K-9 Mark II companion Chronicles The House of Cards as performed by Frazer Hines and Anneke Wills.

Fifth Doctor episode THE VISITATION, Fourth Doctor and Romana I audio adventure The Justice of Jalxar and First Doctor Companion Chronicle The Library of Alexandria are what’s COMING SOON!!

So come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester and pick up your copy of the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine!!


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