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dwm460coverThe newest issue of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE is out!! And so might be one of the Doctor’s biggest secrets since the very beginning of the show!!

As the 50th anniversary of the world’s longest-running science fiction serial approaches, DWM asks the question: “Who Is The Doctor?”

“Gallifrey Guardian” reports that filming for the 50th Anniversary Special is nearly complete, with a nice picture of returning 10th Doctor David Tennant appearing with current Doctor Matt Smith and current companion Jenna-Louise Coleman.

The monthly feature column previews current series episodes “The Crimson Horror” and “Nightmare in Silver” [which sees the return of both Neil Gaiman and the newly redesigned Cybermen], and wraps things up before the 50th with “The Name of the Doctor”. This story will see the return of River Song, as well as some suitably creepy aliens called The Whispermen.

A DWM focus article pays tribute to Raymond Cusick, the man who devised that distinctive look for the Daleks way back when the show began. The tribute also includes some of Ray’s unused sketches and ideas for the scourges from Skaro.

“Countdown to 50” looks at Series Twenty-Nine (Series three of the new series) which sees the second year for David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor, the introduction of new companion Martha Jones, and the return of the Doctor’s best enemy. The Master – first in the form of Sir Derek Jacobi, before regenerating into John Simm.

The Eleventh Doctor, Ian and Barbara’s adventures in the DWM monthly comic strip continue in part five of “Hunters of the Stone”.

The Fourth Doctor television story “The Horror of Fang Rock” is the subject of the “Fact or Fiction” column.

“The DWM Review” takes a look at current series episodes “The Ring of Akhaten”, “Cold War” [which saw the long overdue return of the Ice Warriors], “Hide”, and “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”.

The DVD release of the Fifth Doctor television story “The Visitation” goes under the review. Sixth Doctor audio adventure “The Seeds of War”, starring Colin Baker, and Fourth Doctor audio “War Against Laan”, starring Tom Baker, are also under the reviewer’s microscope.

Finally, in “Coming Soon”, the Special Edition DVD  version of the Third Doctor story “Inferno” is featured, as well as Fourth Doctor audio adventure “Phantoms of the Deep” and Fifth Doctor audio adventure “The Lady of Mercia”.

So come on down to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester and pick up your copy of DWM#460 today!!

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