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dark shadowsAlthough this was an American television series created by Dan Curtis in 1966, since 2006 Big Finish Production has been producing a series of new audio plays and dramatic readings based on the popular television afternoon gothic soap opera DARK SHADOWS.

This audio series has starred many of the original cast from the television series including David Selby (Quentin Collins), Lara Parker (Angelique), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans), Nancy Barrett (Carolyn Stoddard) and John Karlen (Willie Loomis).  These actors have recreated the characters for which the were famous on the show, as well as new members of the Collinsport community previously unexplored.  Actors from the 1990’s revival of DARK SHADOWS,  such as scream queen Barbara Steele, as well as a few notable actors from DOCTOR WHO – Colin Baker, Louise Jameson and Arthur Darvill – are featured in these audio stories.

Lara Parker’s own original DARK SHADOWS novel Angelique’s Descent was adapted into a two-part dramatic reading, with actor Andew Collins as The Dark Lord.

dark shadowsDARK SHADOWS #12 – “The Night Whispers” – stands out as the most memorable of the series. The story features Jonathan Frid, reprising the role of Barnabas Collins for the first since he hung up his fangs and walking stick 39 years ago.   The plot: Long since released from his vampire curse, Barnabas Collins has settled into a new life away from the supernatural. But when a powerful storm sweeps through Collinsport, the elements bring back memories of past sins. Who is the mysterious spirit whispering in the darkness, and what is its connection with Barnabas?

This series is great for both long-time fans of the series and new fans alike. What Big Finish offers is a change to both revisit the old character you loved or loved to hate as well as get introduced to new characters and new stories that you might enjoy and continue the tradition of gothic storytelling started by the program many years ago.

ds_phantombrideThe newest release in the audio series is titled “The Phantom Bride” and stars Jerry Lacy and Lara Parker.

A liner sailing across the ocean to London.  Happy couples enjoying a relaxing few days of fine food, fine wine, and the fresh sea air. 

Until they start dying.  Because also on board is a ghost seeking vengeance.  A ghost of a woman who died in 1929.



Come on down to Annie’s and get swept up in the dark and paranormal world of the Collins family all over again!!

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