Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Summer is almost halfway through, and the staff at ABSW is working hard to keep our SUMMER READING shelves replenished in our Kids and Teens section!

While you’re looking for your required reading for school, you should also be sure to check out some of the other great titles we currently have in stock.


zombies vs unicorns

Zombies vs. Unicorns is brought to you by dual-editors Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier, and filled with short stories by authors including Meg Cabot and Scott Westerfeld. Join Holly Black’s Team Unicorn with stories such as Purity Test by Naomi Novik and The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund. Or if you prefer your stories with a side of brain join Justine Larbalestier’s Team Zombie for titles such as Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson and Prom Night by Libba Bray. By grouping all these creative minds together will there finally be an end to this age-old debate? Come pick up this read and decide for yourself, which is better: zombies, or unicorns?



The phrase “fairy tale” often brings to mind lovely stories with princesses singing to woodland critters and falling in love with a brave prince, but for young Tanya things are much different – the fairies she sees are anything but nice. Her parents cannot see them but for Tanya they’ve always been there, and her parents had always looked upon her chattering to herself with amusement. Now Tanya is thirteen and they look upon her made-up stories with concern. So Tanya learned to lie, but not convincingly enough for her parents to change their minds about sending her to live with her Grandmother. Then Tanya discovers dark secrets lingering in the forests around her Grandmother’s countryside manor, and she soon finds herself entangled in a mystery that could trap her in the faerie realm forever. Come along on the adventure in Michelle Harrison’s 13 Treasures.


And don’t forget to pick up something for the little ones!


David McPhail’s illustrations bring Liza Baker’s I Love You Because You’re You to life as she tells the story of a mother fox assuring her young kit that she loves him – no matter what!

underthewindow greenaway

You can also get your hands on some classic children’s rhymes in this book of fifty charming verses all illustrated beautifully by Kate Greenaway. Kate is best known for her drawings depicting children, charmingly dressed in the costume of the early nineteenth century. Under the Window is sure to capture the imagination of both children and adults alike!

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