Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

We always have a great selection of works by local authors here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester.  Here are a few you should really check out!



Come along for a rollercoaster ride through Dooleysburg, PA, a town chock full of local celebrities who make sure there is never a dull moment – such as the cross-dressing car dealer who doubles as the town mascot (“The Chipmunk”), and a police chief with a self-expunged juvenile record. It’s a town where friendships ignore racial boundaries, and a town that Maggie Rifkin is returning to in hopes of leaving her past behind and raising her fourteen-year-old son. But when local business has been tempting the fates, sudden tragedy strikes and leaves a thread of destruction that might lead all the way back to the very childhood secrets Maggie was hoping to escape. Frances Grote’s Fire in the Henhouse will sure to keep you turning the pages.



Dan Lewis is a local poet, and This Garden showcases many of his finely crafted poems of extraordinary delicacy and infinite strength. The poems within this collection sing with a sense of ongoing wonder, and show remarkable intelligence while still holding a question in the air. Take a quiet moment and curl up to contemplate the wonderful poetry within Lewis’ collection.



Looking for a book for your young reader as well? Try out Eric Mateer’s mystery, Paint  Me Terrified. Best friends Amy and Josh walk to school together every day, and have grown up with each other for as long as they can remember. What happens when one day Josh gets the sudden idea to investigate a creepy, condemned mansion before the building is demolished? It’s certainly not just a crummy old building; they soon uncover a story of tragedy, a mystery, and a painting that might be the key to unraveling it all. Also be sure to meet up with Amy and Josh again in the sequel to Mateer’s book, Doorway to Nowhere.doorwaytonowheremateer

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