Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Lots of things are happening here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester!

Have you ever had an idea for something you would like to see happen at our store, but didn’t know how to bring it up, or wanted to suggest it anonymously?

We have a new Suggestion Box at the front of our shop! Customers are free to put ANY suggestion into the box, and when planning future themed events we will post questions for customers at the front of the store regarding which theme YOU want to see appear the most! Keep a look-out for these questions – or just drop a note of your own!


Along similar lines, we currently have a board set up in the kids room asking for YOUR opinion! We would love to have a kid-related event here at the store, but we can’t decide which would be better – story time, or craft time? What day of the week would work the best for YOU, and what time of day?

Leave your feed back in the form of tally marks on our opinion board, located in our kids’ picture book room!


We’ve also got some great new titles on the shelves.


If you have a Netflix account you may have heard of the sitcom version, but have you gotten your hands on a copy of the original book? Piper Kerman writes about her year in a women’s correctional facility in Orange is the New Black. Follow Piper’s story as she thinks back to the events that led up to her arrest ten years before the fact.  From the kindly nun Sister Ardeth Platte to the woman Piper finds herself roomed with who may or may not be in there for committing murder, acquaint yourself with the sometimes crazy, maybe frightening, but still somehow heartwarming cast of characters that Piper meets during her time spent in prison.



In a world where the social issue of sexual identity, and where such an issue fits into social structure, John Irving brings a story of self discovery, unfulfilled love, and a passionate embrace of the sexual differences encountered through the main character William Abbot’s life. In One Person paints a portrait of William’s solitariness as a bisexual man, and his dedication to make himself “worthwhile.” The story begins with the story of William and his first love, a transgender woman, and continues on to include later lovers and classmates that he will lose to AIDs. Irving’s novel manages to show the individual journey of one man while also making an unforgettable statement about sexual repression within the United States.



With October upon us, things might start to look a bit spooky! If you’re looking to embrace that, grab a copy of Elizabeth Massie’s Desper Hollow. Jenkie’s Grandmother dreamed of living forever…but she was killed before she could finish her immortality moonshine. Jenkie decides to follow in her  Grandmother’s footsteps and takes the moonshine, her socially-inept friend named Bink, and her dreams of fame and fortune to a trailer home in Desper Hollow. But things start to go awry when Jenkie’s experiments only make the trouble with Granny’s original recipe worse, and it isn’t long before dead critters and stray folks come back to life mindless, hungry, and…and vicious. Now the back of her trailer is filled with a stash of living dead creatures, and one of them – Armistead – seems to be more aware than Jenkie feels is safe…

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