Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Candle 2Okay, perhaps for some of you the idea of “holiday shopping” is about as happy and pleasant as nails across a chalk board, but Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester wants to help you out as much as we can to make your holiday gift-giving easier and more personalized.

To help, we’ll be spotlighting various books and gift items from all our departments. We’ll have blog posts every day, sharing our celebrations and gifts with our extended family of patrons and friends. Here’s what to expect:

Monday posts will be our continuing coverage of events and news.

On Tuesdays, we will spotlight our extensive collection of Doctor Who and other British science fiction merchandise.

Wednesday posts will showcase various children’s and teens’ books.

On Thursdays we will share some of the newest arrivals in the store.

Friday posts will spotlight local authors.

Saturday posts will bring you reviews from our ARC club.

On Sundays, there will be our reminders for what you can escape to on Wednesday nights as we wind down our Spinning Yarns series…as well as a few other surprises.

We wish all of our friends, patrons, and supporters an excellent, love-filled holiday season, whatever you celebrate!

May your world be filled with wonderful words.

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