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dw-kistlerAs a bookstore, we at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester are naturally biased in our statement that books make great holiday gifts.  Thus, for this week’s edition of our Tuesday spotlight on British science fiction, we’d like to highlight some of the wonderful books we have available for the fan in your life!

* DOCTOR WHO – CELEBRATING FIFTY YEARS by Alan Kistler is a great one-volume introduction to the world’s longest-running science fiction serial for those who are looking to answer the question, “what’s this all about, anyway?”  when faced with the overwhelming minutiae of a television show that premiered half a century ago.  This book distills down the essence of the programme and makes a great springboard for discussion and exploration of the series.

Spinoffs of DOCTOR WHO are wonderful universes in their own right.  For those looking for something a little different than what’s been broadcast, why not try:

* IRIS WILDTHYME – WILDTHYME ON TOP… the adventures and misadventures of an intergalactic time traveler who may or may not be a Time Lady and who roams the Universe with a animate stuffed panda in a double-decker bus.

* BERNICE SUMMERFIELD – THE INSIDE STORY… long before River Song, the TARDIS was home to another archaeologist who travelled with The Doctor through time and space.

* FACTION PARADOX – THE BOOK OF THE WAR… shadowy parallels to the dirty secrets of Time Lord society and Gallifreyan corruption are explored in this intriguing collection.

pauldarrow-autobiography* BLAKE’S 7, the groundbreaking TV series featuring a band of rebels fighting against a vicious totalitarian government, is remembered primarily for the character of Kerr Avon, the cold and sardonic computer-genius-turned-reluctant-outlaw-and-leader, played by the inimitable Paul Darrow.   His autobiography, YOU’RE HIM, AREN’T YOU? is an indispensable and fascinating read, covering his early life, his memories of the programme, and his career since B7’s shocking finale broadcast on 21 December 1981.

We’ve got many more titles in stock, so come visit us at 65 James Street; we’ll be glad to help you with your holiday shopping!

—Patty and the staff at ABSW

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