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Under a Graveyard SkyReviewers Name: Scott Wooldridge

Title:  Under a Graveyard Sky
Author: John Ringo
ISBN: A9781451639193
Publisher:  Baen
Publication Date: 9/1/2013

Core Audience: Fans of zombie fiction, fans of end of the world scenarios, military horror

Noteable Aspects:  Good concentration on viral sciences without too much “tech speak”

Review: In John Ringo’s Under a Graveyard Sky, which is book 1 of a planned trilogy, the zombie apocalypse occurs based on a virus created from rabies and spread purposely. The first third of the book is about the transmission of the virus and introduces the main characters, the Smith family.  Due to a family connection, the Smiths have insider knowledge of the spread and prepare to leave the city. Here is where the book excels. Quite a bit of the first third is about prepping and logistics. The pace is deliberately slower for this part of the book, until the spread of the virus, then in the usual John Ringo fashion, the action comes fast and furious.

The second part of the book is the outbreak and the escape of the Smith family to a large sail boat. The action sequences are horrific, with quite a bit of gallows humor thrown in, especially from the daughter, Faith.

The third part of the book is the twist which will hook quite a few readers, and gives way to the sequels.

All in all, Under a Graveyard Sky is a must read for fans of zombie fiction or fans of Ringo in general.

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