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dwm473After far too lengthy a hiatus, our BRITISH SCI-FI TUESDAY feature has returned to the ABSW blog.  There’s been plenty of marvelous DOCTOR WHO merchandise arriving here every month at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, located at 65 James Street in Worcester, Massachusetts… magazines, toys, audio dramas and more!

* DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE #473 is new on our shelves as of Monday the 5th.  The cover story features Sylvester McCoy as The Seventh Doctor and investigates how the show’s 26th season laid much of the groundwork for the feel of the current series.  Other articles include a tribute to director Christopher Barry,  a revisitation of the Second Doctor story “The Seeds of Death” and the Tenth Doctor two-parter “The Sontaran Strategem / The Poison Sky”, and an interview with vision mixer and producer Clive Doig.

* Sonic screwdrivers ahoy!  New in stock are sonic screwdrivers for The War Doctor from the 50th anniversary special, The Fifth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, and The Eighth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.  These join the “Trans-Temporal Screwdriver” and River Song’s “future screwdriver” on our shelves.

* New releases for Big Finish audio productions for DOCTOR WHO, BLAKE’S 7, and DARK SHADOWS include: DW Main Series #185 – “Moonflesh”, featuring Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa; DW Companion Chronicles #8.10 – “The War To End All Wars”, featuring First Doctor companion Steven Taylor; B7 1.3 – “Drones”, starring Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, and Alistair Lock; and DS#41 – “The Happier Dead”.


dwadventuresmaglogoSneak preview – we’re pleased to announce that in the next few months we’ll be carrying the magazine title DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES.     This title is geared towards kids ages six to thirteen, and has regular features such as comics, puzzles, a letters column, posters, planetary spotlights, and jokes and riddles.

We hope to offer a mail order subscription to this title as well as stocking it in our shop.   Information for subscriptions to our other magazine titles can be found at

Thanks, as always for your support.

—Patty and the staff at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester.

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