Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

caldwellOur long-term customers know this, but newer visitors to our blog, website, and physical storefront might not.  Here at ABSW, located at 65 James Street, we get fresh stocks of titles every day, since we are open seven days a week.  Our books come to us in a number of different ways.

* We take in gently used books for trade credit towards a portion of the price of other used titles.

* We place orders for new releases and titles currently in print from publishers and wholesalers.

* We do book searches for used backlist and out-of-print titles using a variety of sources.

You will never know what you’ll find in our store each week!


stephen_king_revival_mr_mercedes1] Brand-new on our shelves:


LAURELL K. HAMILTON – JASON [mass market paperback]

2] Expected in the next few days or weeks:



NELSON DEMILLE – QUEST [mass market paperback]

KAY HOOPER – DEADLY WEB [mass market paperback]

STEPHEN KING – MR. MERCEDES [trade paperback]

magictreehouse3] Goodies from our latest “bookhaul” include various historical fiction novels by Taylor Caldwell, an extended selection of William Faulkner titles in our literature section, a great range of books in the children’s book series MAGIC TREE HOUSE, JUDY MOODY, and A TO Z MYSTERIES, and a bevy of horror novels by Robert R. McCammon.

As the winter barrels down on us with snow and ice, it’s a great time of year to stock up on books. We’re worth the trip.

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