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medieval wood sign board isolatedAnnie’s Book Stop of Worcester is shining a big ole setting-sun sized spotlight on a number of our author friends and their goal of putting together The Weird Wild West anthology! Written by our long-time author and editor friend, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, take a look at this fabulous project.

Whether we’re talking about the wild frontier, the Final Frontier, the literary frontier, or all three at once, The Weird Wild West, edited by Misty Massey, Emily Lavin Leverett, and Margaret S. McGraw pushes those boundaries. This collection takes all those things we love about genre fiction and marries it to that western grit we cut our teeth on as kids with classics like The Lone Ranger, Kung Fu, and The Wild Wild West.

Why the wild west? The untamed frontier is a challenge, a test of character, a place where 01152015 - Project Participants copypeople both lose and find themselves. Adversity makes men and women what they can be…for best or worst. It’s a proving ground for the soul. We’re testing ourselves as authors and running our characters against the rails. Will we uncover fool’s gold or the mother lode? With stories by Jonathan Maberry, Gail Z. Martin, John Hartness, RS Belcher, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Misty Massey, James R. Tuck and Tonia Brown, plus four open-submission slots to be filled, we’re thinking Mother Lode!

For more information, please visit Tales of the Weird Wild West.

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