Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

01262015 - Events BlogEveryone here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester wish all our friends and patrons a warm and safe few days! We WILL be closed Tuesday, January 27th, but please remember, with all the fabulous New England weather this time of year, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any news regarding early closings or late openings due to weather.

This past Saturday, during our prologue to the current #Snowmageddon or #Snowpocalypse, we had a lovely Tea and Faeries with children’s author T.J. Wooldridge, celebrating the release of her most recent book, The Earl’s Childe. Light refreshments and tea will be served. Wooldridge, whose won EPIC awards and been nominated for a Stoker for her adult horror, will read some of her favorite scenes, as well as chat about the history and mythology she brings to her children’s books, why dark and scary adventures work for children, and what information she learned about Scottish and British history for these books.

February is right around the corner!

Not a fan of the Superbowl but want to do something fun this Sunday, February 1 anyway? Join us from 11AM-3PM: Superb Owl Sunday – Enjoy beautiful owl-based crafts while everyone else is living football.

And coming soon!

Saturday, February 14; 3-5 PM: Fuzzy Friends Picnic with Bret Herholz, celebrating the release of I Love You, Bun Bun. Bring your favorite stuffed animals and enjoy an afternoon of refreshment while sharing stories of adventures and special moments with the toys who can be our dearest friends. Bun Bun not just a toy. He is the most important bunny in the world to one little girl, and he shows how sometimes our best friends can be stuffed. Bun Bun teaches children that it’s okay to have a stuffed friend you love very much, how much fun we can have with them, and how they can comfort us when we need to be comforted. And how, at times, they feel just as real as a real live friend.

Sunday, February 15; 2-4 PM: Kristina England signs Stanley Stanley’s Investigative Services and Other Mysteries. At Stanley Stanley’s Investigative Services, one out of five detectives is an alcoholic. It has nothing to do with the fact that Jerry’s Bar and Stool is right across the street… Most of the private eyes chock up their problem to solving too many cases. That’s right, Stanley Stanley’s has a 100 percent turnaround rate. You bring in a picture, a piece of hair, your grandmother’s toothbrush, and Stanley Stanley’s will bring home that lost puppy, that low down husband, that senile old lady that says she is your Nana’s Nana when she’s actually just your Nana…

And then, in time for February vacation…

…bring your family out to one of our Hafta Craft events!

Monday, February 16; 11AM-3PM: Hafta Craft Dragons for February Break

Tuesday, February 17; 11AM-3PM: Hafta Craft Winter Mice for February Break

Wednesday, February 18; 11AM-3PM: Hafta Craft Astronomy for February Break

And don’t forget our regular events.

Spinning Yarns Craft and Audiobook Social, 7PM every Monday

Literary Genre Trivia Night and Literary Genre Trivia Reprise will be taking a break until the spring of 2015, but stay tuned to our blog and website for its triumphant return.

Worcester Storytellers happens the fourth Friday of every month from 7-8:30 PM.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the February guest!

Keep an eye on the ABSW calendar and our Facebook Page for more details and updates. May your world be filled with wonderful words!

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