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catsmysteries[Written by ABSW staffer Selina Lovett. Part One can be found here.]

In my last blog, I was on the subject of cats. Cats can be very mysterious, but the ones I was talking about were solving mysteries, or helping their humans solve them. There are many writers who choose to use feline sleuths as their main characters in their books, and I will attempt to highlight a few more of them for your reading enjoyment.

Carole Nelson Douglas is a very prolific author of more than sixty novels, several series of which are not related to cats. The one that is, however, is her Midnight Louis series, about a tomcat named Midnight Louis, and his human partner, petite redheaded publicist Temple Barr. Midnight Louis will have 28 titles when completed, the First being:
Cat in an Alphabet Soup (formerly Catnap)
The latest:
Cat in a Yellow Spotlight
Coming Soon:
Cat in a Zebra Zoot Suit
Cat in an Alphabet Endgame

In the few books of Carole’s I have seen, there are separate pages and fonts for when Louis is speaking and thinking, and when Temple and the Humans are the prime focus. Very well done.

Some of us think that our cats are magical, and can do some out of the ordinary things. Sofie Kelly has written a series of 6 books about two cats that really ARE magical cats. That is – they each have a magical power. One can turn invisible, and the other can walk through walls. They also help her human character, Librarian Kathleen Paulson, solve crimes! Her first “Magical Cats Mystery Series” book is called:
Curiosity Thrilled the Cat
The latest is:
A Midwinter’s Tail
Faux Paw (expected in 2015)
Fun reads. She also writes as Sofie Ryan, and has authored a series called the” Second Chance Cat Mystery Series”. So far, there are only two books in it:
The Whole Cat and Caboodle
Buy a Whisker (coming out in April)
Also great Cozy stories.

Since 1990, feminist and activist Rita Mae Brown has co-authored 21 cozy cat mysteries with her cat Sneaky Pie Brown. The result here is that both the animals in the book (a delightful array of feline and canine characters) and the humans speak, although not to each other. The animals do have wonderful conversations with one another, very humorous at times. Tiger cat Mrs. Murphy is the main character, along with her human, Mary Minor “Harry” Haristeen, although it is Mrs. Murphy who is the real detective. The first book in the series of 21 novels is:
Wish you Were Here
Latest book:
The Litter of the Law

Miranda James is another author of Cat Mysteries. She has a series of 6 “Cat in the Stacks” books about a librarian, Charlie Harris, and his Maine Coon Cat, Diesel. The First book is called:
Murder Past Due
The latest book:
Arsenic and Old Books

Rebecca M. Hale has written 5 Cat Mystery Novels about a woman named Rebecca, and her 2 cats, Rupert and Isabella. Rebecca has inherited an antiques shop from her uncle in San Francisco, and has also inherited infamous clues to various hidden treasures. With a cast of frogs and an albino alligator on the loose in the series, these books are a lot of fun. The first book in the “Cats and Curios Mystery” series is called:
How to Wash a Cat
and the latest is:
How to Paint a Cat

I hope that this gives you some idea as to the many Cat mysteries that are out there for your perusal.

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