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Happy Memorial Day to all our customers and friends in the U.S.! We hope everyone stays safe while enjoying the holiday weekend. We especially appreciate of our veterans for their service and sacrifice for our freedom.

Also, thank you to everyone who turned out to May’s Worcester Storytellers featuring Sou MacMillan!

Now, one newsletter and two blogs ago, we teased you with little glimpses of our upcoming events in June, and among those teases were two events we called “Shelf Series.” There’s a cool story behind that. The booksellers who work here at ABSW, our cute little “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, are what many might call…well…eclectic. Yes, that’s a good word. We come from many different backgrounds and experiences, with some interesting and unusual sets of knowledge that we don’t get to share all that often.

During our workday, we sometimes chit-chat, as most colleagues do, and Patty thought some of the bits of information and trivia at our individual fingertips would be also be of interest to our customers. Therefore, we’ve put together a set of events for the summer, starting in June, called the “Shelf Series,” where each of us who was interested could put together a “talk” about something we thought would please you, the customer. You got a little look at two upcoming ones in our mid-May list, but stay tuned for even more details!

May may almost be over, but teachers, librarians, and other educators can still send summer reading lists to so we can make sure to have all the titles our students need.

Here’s the latest event news—but watch our website and Facebook page for even more updates!

robotwriterTHIS WEEKEND! Sunday, May 31, starting at 2:00 PM: Literary Genre Trivia – Science Fiction

Join our monthly Literary Genre Trivia afternoon, slated to happen on the last Sunday of every month, beginning with the theme of Science Fiction for May.

Attendees need to guess the most correct title-and-author matches to back-cover descriptions and book excerpts for a chance to win a $20 gift certificate. Every month will have a different theme; May is science fiction (not including fantasy.)

Show off your book smarts and meet other book lovers!

Since next month is June already, check out more of our upcoming events!

Friday, June 5, 7:00-9:00 PM

Help us welcome back Sharon Lee and Steve Miller as they return to ABSW with their latest adventure in the Liaden ® Universe, Dragon in Exile. There will be readings, time for Q & A, and signings by both authors!

NEW LISTING! Saturday, June 13, 3:00-5:00 PM – Children’s authors and illustrators Russ Cox and Teri Weidner take us on adventures from outer space to our own backyard!

We’ll post a full list once again, next Monday! Stay tuned to our blog!

And now…a look at JULY! Yes, July… we would like to announce a special workshop for our teens this summer.

Saturday, July 11, All-Day Teen Writing Workshop

Author Ann Haywood Leal and Author/Editor Trisha J. (T.J.) Wooldridge will host a workshop for teens interested in becoming writers. The workshop cost [to be determined] will include lunch, printed handouts, and individualized feedback by the instructors. The instructors will cover story craft, self-editing techniques (how to strengthen your own writing), and some tips for teens ready to get published on how to do so.

Mark this on your calendar if you or a teen you love is interested—and stay tuned for registration details!

Of course, as a reminder, our regular events are…

Spinning Yarns Craft and Audiobook Social, Mondays at 7pm

Hafta Craft & Storytime Family Drop-in, the third Sunday of every month from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM. June’s theme will be Myth & Magic. Children must be accompanied by an adult for duration of stay.

Worcester Storytellers, the fourth Friday of every month from 7-8:30 PM. For the complete updates and schedules, follow Worcester Storytellers on Facebook!

Literary Genre Trivia, the last Sunday of every month starting at 2:00 PM. June’s genre will be Romantic Suspense!

As always, watch ABSW calendar and our Facebook Page for more details and updates.

May your world be filled with wonderful words!


Patty Cryan and the Staff at ABSW

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