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12092015 - Ruth Sanderson Rose RedI am Selina Lovett, a Marketing and Special Events Specialist at Annie’s.

One author whose books I would always recommend for children would be Ruth Sanderson. She not only writes the stories, but she also illustrates them–and her illustrations are unquestionably some of the most incredible pieces of artwork I have ever seen in children’s books.

Most of the time, she takes old fairy tales and re-writes them, making them her own. My favorite one of her books is Snow White and Rose Red, in which two sisters and their mother befriend a rather large bear, who needed shelter from the cold. To say any more would give away the whole story, which is wonderful for children to read, or be read to.

Another story she has retold is the adventures of Cinderella. Most of you know the story, so I won’t bother to explain it here, but suffice it to say that Ruth Sanderson has outdone herself with her lovely illustrations and her storytelling.

Her book, Golden Dreams, The Art of Ruth Sanderson is a must for Art lovers, and fans of Ms. Sanderson. It contains illustrations from many of her books, as well as her artwork from many books by other authors. It is just breathtaking! She has illustrated Nancy Drew books, Golden Books, Mother Goose, and book covers for Jane Yolen and many others.

Ruth Sanderson has autographed a few of the books we have here. Quite a gift that would make!

12092015 - ruthsandersonbooks

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