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08192016 - UNDER MY SKIN

Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is happy to shine our Spotlight on Laura Diamond, who will be here for our “The Brain in Books” discussion this Sunday, August 21, from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Laura Diamond is a board certified psychiatrist currently specializing in emergency psychiatry. She is also an author of all things young adult—both contemporary and paranormal. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything magical, she thrives on quirk, her lucid dreams, and coffee. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found sniffing books and drinking a latte at the bookstore or at home pondering renovations on her 225 year old fixer upper, all while obeying her feline overlords, of course.

For the panel, she’s bringing her two novels, The Zodiac Collector and Under My Skin. In The Zodiac Collector, almost fifteen-year-old twins cast a spell invoke the power of the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux, to ensure an unforgettable birthday. Unfortunately, that attracts the attention of a sorceress who is collecting the powers of each zodiac sign. Under My Skin is a contemporary YA romance about a boy in need of a heart transplant and the artist who hadn’t meant to cause the accident that killed her twin brother, an organ donor.

Thank you so much for joining us, Laura! We look forward to hearing more about your books at the Sunday panel. What else are you working on?

In October, the first of a dystopian scifi duology will be released, via Curiosity Quills Press. It’s about immortal vampire aliens who’ve taken over the planet. An underdog untouchable loses his sister to one of the monsters and does everything in his power to get her back. It’s titled Immortal Aliens: Dawn of the Vie. Part two, Blood Rush, comes out next spring.

While you’re writing, do you prefer music, silence, other? Please elaborate!

If I’m in a public place like the bookstore, I definitely listen to music while writing. I prefer movie soundtracks (Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc) but I also listen to a variety of songs from classical (Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, Mozart) to rock or alternative rock (Pink Floyd, Metallica, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Evanescence, Seether, Breaking Benjamin), and even folk (Of Monsters and Men). If I’m writing at home (either on the living room couch or the porch during summer), I don’t have to listen to music, but I do like it quiet—no TV!!!

08192016 - AuthorPhotoLauraDiamond

Writers very often have furry or feathered or otherwise non-human companions to “help” them through their work.  Do you? What do you have? How do they “help” (or, “not-help”) with your writing?

I have four fur-babies. They are my overlords and I serve them without question. In return, they help me work through plot holes, wrangle resistant characters, and weed out grammar mistakes. Sometimes, though, they like to push my laptop out of the way and sit on my lap. Makes typing near impossible. They keep me warm, though, so I guess I can’t complain.

Do you have any favorite foods or drinks that must be in the vicinity (or must be avoided) while you’re writing or editing a piece of work?

If I don’t have coffee, no words will be produced. I can’t eat while I writing because if I’m eating, all work stops. For me, food trumps all. (Seriously, I’m obsessed.)

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned, thus far, in your writing career?

Never give up! There’s a lot of rejection in writing and publishing and one phrase stuck with me throughout: The only unsuccessful writer is the one who gave up. If you keep writing, that’s a win.

Where can people find your work? (Besides ABSW ;)–though they should totally check here first!)


                        Barnes & Noble:




How can we follow your work, share your awesomeness, or otherwise stalk you in a totally non-creepy way?





* Blog:



Thank you, again, for joining us, Laura!  We look forward to having you at our 65 James Street store this Sunday, from 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM!

08192016 - The Zodiac Collector

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  1. lbdiamond says:

    Looking forward to Sunday!!!!!

  2. krishna says:

    books by a psychiatrist ? will try to purchase one.

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