Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Happy Holiday Shopping Guide!


Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, the “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, is happy to present our 2016 recommendations for gifts this year.

Are you a fan of nature and art? ABSW’s own Selina Lovett is offering a unique selection of nature photos at the store this year. Most of the pictures are matted, so they can be displayed as is or you can find the perfect frame for them; others are already framed for you. Matted pieces range from prices of $10-30, while framed pieces are a bit more.

There is a fantastic variety of subjects from shore birds, such as puffins, plovers, gulls, and great blue herons, to song birds like chickadees, blue jays, house finches, and red-bellied woodpeckers. Mammals include deer, squirrels (red and grey), and cute groundhogs. There are barn animals too, such as a chicken and a goat with its head in a fence. Butterflies of all kinds abound in these art works—and there’s even a frog and a snake!


Selina started her love of photography in 2004, when a raccoon came up on the deck of her house in Worcester and started feeding on her bird feeder. She shot the raccoon (with a camera, of course!), and has been photographing wildlife ever since. She has taken photographs in Monterey, California; York, and Machias Seal Island, Maine; New York City and State; all over Massachusetts; and other locations in the U.S.

Selina works for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, teaching children about nature and working at one of the sanctuaries in the visitor center. This allows her to be close to nature, and many of the photos for sale were taken at the Audubon sanctuaries.


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