Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Happy Holiday Shopping Guide! Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, the “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, is happy to present our 2017 recommendations for gifts this year. It’s now time to really start thinking about what to buy for the loved ones in your life for the holidays.  You could buy them bones, or some treats, but they get those during the year, anyways. Why not get them something really nice? Oh – You thought I was talking about your two legged loved ones! No, it’s your four legged ones I was thinking about.

pet sweaters solid

This year at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester we have some amazing hand crocheted pet sweaters for small dogs or cats for sale – only $5.00 each! They come in many different colors, from solid red and crimson, to multi-colored green and yellow or gray and white. There are even some that are bright and sparkly, for those doggy and kitty divas. They are great for small pets, who may get very cold this Winter – Remember 2015! It started out really warm, and then we got socked!

pet sweaters striped


They are all hand made by one of our Spinning Yarns participants, Melissa Hudson from Melissa’s Handmade Crafts, who will also do special orders. If you have a large dog, she may make a big sweater for you.

single pet sweater

And to top it all off, all proceeds from the sale of these sweaters go to the Friends of Homeless Animals of Rhode Island.

Thank you for making Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester your neighborhood bookstore, and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

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