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Happy Holiday Shopping Guide! Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, the “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, is happy to present our 2018 recommendations of gifts for the winter holidays.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time and meet your knight in shining armor? Or, at least, watch while a heroine in a great novel meets hers? Or a dashing young Hero meets the time-crossed love of his life? At Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester we have a number of great time travel romance novels and anthologies that will sweep people away into different times and places, where people will face great odds to meet the people of their dreams.

These stories are a great blend of fantasy and romance, for the true romantics in your life, and will make great gifts for them. You may also want to buy some of these for yourself, and put them aside for a rainy day.

The anthologies are books that contain time travel romances, and other types of romantic stories, including paranormal romances. In our sale carts, for $1.00, we have many such anthologies by authors like Jayne Ann Krenz, Linda Lael Miller, Linda Howard, Kasey Michaels and Carla Neggers, as in Everlasting Love; Shannon Drake, Betina Krahn, Linda Lael Miller, Christina Skye and Katherine Sutcliffe in Haunting Love Stories, and Jennifer Blake, Betina Krahn, Glenda Sanders and Jodi Thomas in Stardust. We also have several other anthologies in our new Time Travel Romance section.

everlasting loveHaunting Love StoriesStardust

There are many different time travel romance novels. They can be written giving emphasis to either the magic in the story, or the geographical location of the characters, such as an American traveling back in time to Medieval England or Scotland, etc. There are many books written with brawny Scottish warriors as the Heroes, such as in the Lynn Kurland and the Janet Chapman books, for example.

Then there’s the other time/location choices. The Civil War seems to be an era that many time travel romance writers tend to select as their favorite. In many cases, the heroine ends up going back in time and meets their dream man, sometimes a soldier. Some of the Civil War novels include Yesterday’s Promise by Teresa George, Jewels of Time by Tess Mallory, Tears of Fire by Nelle McFather, and Love Across Time by Anne Meredith.

yesterday's promiseJewels of TimeTears of FireLove Across Time

Then, for fans of westerns, there are some Cowboy time travel romance novels taking place in the American West circa the 1870’s. Courtney’s Cowboy by Susan Macias, Bridge to Yesterday by Stephanie Mittman,and A Time for Love by Constance O’Day-Flannery are some of the books we have here.

Courtney's CowboyBridge to Yesterdaya time for love

Now for the magic: These are generally novels in which one of the characters, usually the female, has special powers beyond mortals. Some of the books include: Circles in Time by Tess Mallory, The Wizard’s Daughter by Barbara Michaels, and A Basket of Wishes by Rebecca Paisley.

circles in timethe wizard's daughtera basket of wishes

Breath of Magic by Teresa Medeiros, (which has magic in it), Timepool by Susan Plunkett and This Time Forever are a different type of time travel romance. They are all novels in which the heroine goes forward in time instead of back.

breath of magictimepoolthis time forever

Hopefully this gave you some idea as to what to look for in this area. There are many other books in our Time Travel Romance section (under the Paranormal Romance section) for you to choose from, so enjoy yourself while having a fun romp through time.

 Thank you for making our shelves your destination.

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