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12212018 - House of AssassinsHouse of Assassins by Larry Correia

ISBN-10: 1481483765

ISBN-13: 978-1481483766

Publisher: Baen (February 5, 2019)

Reviewer: Scott A. Wooldridge

“There’s always time for arson.”

What is most intriguing about Larry Correia’s follow up to the Dragon Award-winning book Son of the Black Sword is how much worldbuilding is done only by dialog and action with a lack of infodumps, causing the narrative to flow smoothly from chapter to chapter. This book isn’t only action though, as Larry really ups the political and social intrigue lacking in many newer fantasy books.

Ashok Vadal was a Protector, a member of the Highest Caste. All that changed when he found out the truth about himself and was forced to forsake everything he cared about and become nothing more than a common criminal. He was forced to swear an oath to protect the prophet of the gods which goes against all of his beliefs. In this book we find out more about the prophet, the demons coming from the sea, and the mystical House of Assassins for which this book is named.

Most of the myths and legends in this book are based on Indian and Hindu folklore, which is a refreshing change from the usual fantasy fare.

This book was written for fans of fast paced fantasy, and anyone who likes a little backstabbing.

Highly Recommended 4.5 stars


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