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Happy Holiday Shopping Guide! Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, the “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, is happy to present our 2019 recommendations of gifts for the winter holidays.

This is the second gift giving guide for our Non-Fiction book section of the store.  Let’s start with one of the largest sections – History.

Although I would consider this history in the making, rather than history itself, we have many new books about Current Events and the political arena, also sometimes known as Modern History. No matter which positions your gift recipients may take, you can find new books that will satisfy their tastes.


History is a great area of interest  for many people. There is a lot of history to read about, and we have divided our History books into several sections. We have a few used books on Ancient History, but most of our pre-read books tend to be focused on History from the Revolutionary War on.  The books below show many periods of history from the 19th and 20th centuries.  We have books on the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Cold War, and other important events that have shaped our world.


A subject of great interest now is Wicca, or the art/science of Witchcraft. Many, many new books have been written on the subject, with all different slants on it. This might prove to be an interesting gift for someone who has expressed an interest in it.


Games & More:

The next section I will bring to light in the Non-Fiction section is our Games section. We do have some books on those games that people play sometimes in tournaments or casinos in order to possibly pad their pockets. Or, sometimes people just like to play these games just for fun. I am speaking primarily of Chess and Poker, and more.  You might want to give a gift of one of these books to someone, and help create the next Chess or Poker Champion!



We have new books on all sorts of hobbies, from all of the sports books mentioned in Part 1 of the Non-fiction guide, to Cookbooks for those who love to cook. We also have the Comic Book Price Guide for Comic Book collectors, and The Farmer’s Almanac for all your Weather Watching gift recipients. If you don’t see a book on the hobby you are looking for, ask us: We can probably order it for you.

New Hobbies

As far as Pre-read hobby books go, you name it, we might just have it. Here’s just a sample of some of the books on our shelves, including Theatre for Children, Travel (with Charles Kuralt), and Needlecraft. Some interesting ones not pictured here are on Karate, Beekeeping,  Home Movies and more.

Used Hobbies


Finally, there are many people that enjoy writing. Some people like writing journals just for themselves, while others would like to get their writing published. Some like to write fiction, others, non-fiction. Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester has books on Writing for everyone in each of these categories.  There are actually two real types of books: One type teaches you how to write, while the other helps you to get what you have already written published.  Many new books are always being written on the art of writing. Some of the newest ones are:


The older used ones we have may be a bit out of date, but can still be useful. The Elements of Style, by Strunk & White never goes out of style, though.

As far as how to get published, there are several great guides for that, called  Market Guides, as you can see below. If you know of someone who has completed some writing, these are great resources.

Writer's Markets

Well, that’s it for the Non-Fiction Guide. There are, of course, many other non-fiction books on other topics such as self-help, Psychology, Pets, etc. Come on in, and take a look for yourself.

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