Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

This week is a great one for listening to new and classic British science fiction and horror audio dramas.  Here are the current releases from a variety of title ranges.


  • The Diary of River Song Series 7
  • DW Main 261: Psychic Circus
  • DW Main 262: Subterfuge
  • The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles


  • Dracula’s Guests CD
  • Blake’s 7 Classic Adventures 5.3: Restoration


  • The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 9B
  • Gallifrey: Time War Series 3


  • Torchwood 34: Expectant
  • Torchwood The Sins of Captain John
  • Torchwood 36: Dissected

Please contact us at orders [at] anniesbooksworcester [dot] com for backlist and upcoming titles in these series.  You can also check the Mike’s Comics website for a full catalogue of DOCTOR WHO and related products.

Thank you, as always for making our shelves your destination!


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