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Jigsaw Puzzles. They are really fun things to do when you are stuck at home, and want to be social with the people you are with. Or, if you prefer, trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle by yourself and finishing it gives one a sense of accomplishment. And the beauty of it is, once you have completed it, you can break it up, and put it back together again, or if it is really hard, and it is a really nice picture, you may want to frame it!


Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester has some very nice jigsaw puzzles for you to buy as a gift for a loved one who enjoys puzzles (or you may want to get one for yourself!).


Most of our puzzles are 500 – 1000 pieces, so the pieces are pretty small. Most of them are probably quite difficult. We are always getting new ones in, as well. The 1000 piece puzzles we have now are The World of Sherlock Holmes, and Sibley’s Backyard Birds. The Sherlock puzzle would be great for Mystery fans, and the Sibley – well, Birders, of course.

I am just guessing, but it looks as though the next three 500 piece puzzles are just as difficult, judging from the covers. The Where’s Bowie puzzle is extremely busy (and fun!), as you can tell by looking at the small figures (and Aliens!)

The Frontiers of Space and the Frank Lloyd Wright puzzles are also extremely busy, and the Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle may look nice as a wall hanging once it’s done.

The other puzzle we have is totally different, and could be given more to younger children. It is a 550 piece puzzle, The Night Before Christmas. It is a great puzzle to really get you into the spirit of Christmas.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday, whichever one you may celebrate, from all of us at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester!

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