Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is pleased to offer Socks from Out of Print, , the company that makes the Pins and the Tote Bags we also have in stock.

As with all of the Out of Print merchandise, the theme of the socks is books, and anything related to books. Like this typewriter, for example. What writer or aspiring writer wouldn’t want a pair of socks laden with typewriters?

The socks come in three sizes – Large, Small, and Children’s. At the moment, the selection of large socks looks like this:

There are fewer small socks, but the inventory changes constantly. Nonetheless, all of the socks have something to do with books.

Right now, Clifford is the only Children’s pair of socks in stock. This, too, shall change.

The socks are all comfortable, and are great conversation pieces! They are perfect gifts for the readers and writers in your family, or your literary friends!

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