Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

If you are looking for a totally unique gift for someone, you might think about giving them a Fantasy box by Selina Lovett, one of the staff members at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester!

Each box is one of a kind, and is hand painted and decorated with figurines and trinkets of all kinds. Each one also tells a story, and it can be fun for people to try and write one to go along with the box. There are several themes, though, such as the Christmas and Winter boxes. Santa’s Sled is a large box, and costs $65.00.

(These boxes have small parts that can be pulled off by small children, and should not be given to them as gifts).

The Carolers is a medium sized Winter box, and is being sold for $40.00, and The Mouse King is a bit smaller, for $30.00.

Polar Bear on Magic Ice has a number of very small parts, as do a lot of the boxes, and some of the parts may become unglued. If they do, though, they can easily be glued back on. This very colorful box is priced at $50.00.

The next category of boxes are the Fantasy boxes, which include Dragons, Fairies and Dinosaurs.

“Oops.. You Caught me.”  Is a medium/large sized painted metallic blue and brown box with an adorable large dragon and many semi-precious stones. The price for this is $75.00. Or, If you’d just like a small box, there are some cute fairy boxes like the Baby Fairy and Dragon, at $20.00 each.

For the book lover, and I know there are many, there are a few fantasy boxes that will fit nicely on a bookshelf. They will also fit things inside of them, so it may be a nice place to hide things! The Dragon Tales boxes are $35.00 each or 2 for $60.00, and the Dinosaur Book Box is $40.00.

The last category of boxes is the animal boxes. This particular box below is not really a box, it is a castle. It is also a Fantasy/Animal mix. For the cat lovers out there, this Cat Castle would be great to adorn a living room table. $75.00.

Whether you want to surprise someone with a very unique gift, or just want to keep one for yourself, these boxes are one-of-a-kind treasures.

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