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This week, new arrivals abound with tales of Hollywood celebrities, Tinseltown personalities you might be interested in. Two of them are involved with music, and their lives are chronicled for all to see. Those are in the biographies UNPROTECTED: A MEMOIR by Billy Porter (also a book of LGBTQ interest), and MADE IN HOLLYWOOD: ALL ACCESS WITH THE GO-GO’S by Gina Schock. The rest of the memoirs/biographies from media personages are ACT LIKE YOU GOT SOME SENSE AND OTHER THINGS MY DAUGHTERS TAUGHT ME by Jamie Foxx, THE WAY I HEARD IT by Mike Rowe, BAGGAGE: TALES FROM A FULLY PACKED LIFE by Alan Cumming and GOING THERE by Katie Couric. There are two other books on the list this week that are NOT biographies, and they are DEAR SANTA: A NOVEL by Debbie Macomber (Holiday fiction) and FILIPINX: HERITAGE RECIPES FROM THE DIASPORA by  Angela Dimayuga and  Ligaya Mishan, (a Filipino cookbook).





As Always, Thank you for making our shelves your destination.



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