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Following up and expanding on yesterday’s blog about singleton designs for holiday greeting cards, we’d like to offer even more selections for you, aimed towards those of us who have less time to pick and choose. Yes, we are talking about boxed greeting cards!

While our little bookstore that is bigger on the inside has only been existence since November 2010, our owners Patty and Michael have long been fans of Laughing Elephant and its predecessor, Green Tiger Press, and have carried their designs in their online business, Mike’s Comics, since 1987.

From Laughing Elephant’s homepage:

“Laughing Elephant of Seattle, Washington began in 1993 and grew from the roots of Green Tiger Press, founded by Sandra and the late Harold Darling in 1969 in San Diego, California. Their sons Chev Darling and Benjamin Darling are honored to be the second generation of Darlings to lead this small, independent publishing house as their family business. Drawing on their parents’ collections of vintage books and ephemera that number in the tens of thousands, they design and print almost entirely in house at 3645 Interlake Avenue North in the friendly Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Today, our staff consists of three Darlings and two dear friends. Our small but mighty team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our retail and wholesale customers alike, many of whom have come to feel like family.”

Sandra Darling is also known as Alexandra Day, the artist and creator of the GOOD DOG CARL series of books, including MERRY CHRISTMAS GOOD DOG CARL. Laughing Elephant has put together a boxed set of twelve cards with two cards each of the best six illustrations from this beloved book.

If you are looking for something stylish, we recommend this boxed set of six designs, twelve cards, from the Art Deco movement, all from advertising designs of the period:

And finally, if extravagant whimsy is your thing, celebrate the winter holidays with these exuberant animals in artwork created by Alicia Austin and others.

Thank you, as always, for making our shelves your destination.

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