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How can we start the New Arrivals blog without a new James Patterson thriller? This week we have:


ESCAPE (BILLY HARNEY THRILLER #3) by James Patterson, which seems like a fun “escape” read with his Billy Harney character. Other mysteries/thrillers include:


THE HOUSE ACROSS THE LAKE by Riley Sager. You never know what’s going on at your neighbor’s house across the lake. Even though it seems to be an ideal marriage, when the wife disappears…


THE JUDGE’S LIST: A NOVEL by John Grisham. Can a Judge be a serial killer? Read this book and find out.



Speculative Fiction: (Science Fiction)


SPEAKING BONES 4 (THE DANDELION DYNASTY) by Ken Liu. This is the 4th book in Ken Liu’s Dandelion Dynasty series.





*THE DEAD ROMANTICS by Ashley Poston. This is a light, funny sort of paranormal romance.


*HARMONY OF FIRE by Brian Feehan. This is a different type of paranormal romance by the son of paranormal romance writer Christine Feehan.





*DELE WEDS DESTINY: A NOVEL by Tomi Obaro is about three once inseparable Nigerian college women who reunite for the first time after 30 years at one of their daughter’s weddings.







FINDING THE MOTHER TREE: DISCOVERING THE NATURE OF THE FOREST by Suzanne Simard is a look at trees, and their relationship to each other. They are a complicated, interdependent circle of life, and forests are social, cooperative creatures connected through underground networks. At the center of this vast network are the Mother Trees: mysterious, powerful forces that connect and sustain those that surround them.





MY GREATEST SAVE: THE BRAVE, BARRIER-BREAKING JOURNEY OF A WORLD CHAMPION GOALKEEPER    by Briana Scurry. This is the painfully honest memoir of Briana Scurry, the first black and openly gay soccer player on the first and second women’s Olympic Soccer teams in 1996 and 2004.





TURKEY AND THE WOLF: FLAVOR TRIPPI’ IN NEW ORLEANS by  Mason Hereford. Great southern cooking.


NOTE:   A few books on this list will not be out until next week, but I thought I’d give you a few extra books for you to be on the lookout for. They are actually marked with a *.







As always, thank you for making our shelves your destination.





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