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The next two weeks offer many thrillers (as usual), a few fiction books, and an interesting non-fiction book about Ice-T. The books that are in next week I have noted with a *.  July has been a slow month for new releases, which is why I have doubled up on the weeks. Billy Summers will come out 8/2/22.





THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER by James Patterson and Bill Clinton (paperback edition). The President’s daughter is kidnapped by a madman. A former President is a co-author of the book.



THE RETREAT: A NOVEL by Sarah Pearse. A retreat on an island with a past history of a serial murderer begins to have unexplained deaths.



*56 DAYS by Catherine Ryan Howard. 56 days ago, two people meet in a supermarket in Dublin just at the start of COVID. 35 days ago, when lockdown threatens to keep them apart, they decide to move in together, without really knowing who – and what – each other really is. TODAY, Detectives arrive at Oliver’s apartment to discover a decomposing body inside.



**BILLY SUMMERS by Steven King. A thriller about a hit man who wants out. But he has one last job to do.







*ABANDONED IN DEATH by J.D. Robb. An Eve Dallas homicide detective story.







*A HUNDRED OTHER GIRLS: A NOVEL by Iman Hariri-Kia Fiction – a look at the infighting magazine world through the eyes of a female Middle-Eastern-American aspiring writer, who is crashing on her sister’s couch. Expect some romance, friction, fun and a profound exploration of what it means to chase your dream.



*SUGAR AND SALT: A NOVEL by Susan Wiggs Fiction – A tale of commercial kitchen sharing between a male San Francisco baker and a female barbeque chef, a budding romance, and a past that comes back to haunt the chef from Texas.




Non-Fiction:  Biography



SPLIT DECISION: LIFE STORIES by Ice-T, Spike & Douglas Century. This is a biography of Ice-T and a friend of his youth who were on the wrong side of the law, theft being their crime of choice. Ice-T then changed his life by working on his music, then got into acting, and gave up his unlawful life. His friend Spike ended up continuing his life of crime, and ended up in jail for 35 years. This biography goes into how decisions in their lives led them to their different fates.









As always. thank you for making our shelves your destination


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