Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

Our brick-and-mortar bookstore, and its mail-order companion business Mike’s Comics, is the only shop on the east coast the United States that carries the full line of British science fiction audio dramas from Big Finish Productions and from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, we call ourselves “the little bookstore that’s bigger on the inside” in part because we manage to fit so many wonderful books and sidelines into a relatively small space. But that phrase is also a “hat tip” to one of our favorite sidelines… DOCTOR WHO, the world’s longest-running science fiction serial.

Many Doctors, many companions and compatriots. Quite a few of them now have their own ongoing audio drama series.

In addition to characters who’ve appeared on the televised episodes of DOCTOR WHO, the 59-year-old program has spawned spinoff audio series for characters who first appeared in other media… tie-in novels from Virgin Books and BBC Books, as well as the ongoing comic strips featured in the magazine DOCTOR WHO MONTHLY.

But while ABSW is known for its love of everyone and everything encountered by the TARDIS, there are many additional science fiction, mystery, and horror audio drama titles that we stock.

You are sure to find a holiday gift for your friends, for your loved ones, and maybe even for yourself among our selection of imported audio dramas and audiobooks.

Thank you, as always, for making our shelves your destination.

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