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Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester is very happy to shine our Friday spotlight on debut middle grade graphic novel author/illustrator Tanya J. Scott.


Tanya, could you please tell us briefly a little about yourself and your work?


 I am an illustrator, author, and director based in London, UK.  I’m new to the world of publishing as my career has been mostly in the world of animation and children’s television.  “Weird and Whimsical” is how my work is often described and I think that’s pretty accurate.



Where can people find your work?


Soon Wizkit (my first book!) will be out in the wider world of North America.  I think it’ll be available online in other territories as well. 



How can we follow your work and share your awesomeness?


You can find me on instagram and twitter under the handle @tanyajscott and my website is



What kind of research went into your last project?  What is your favorite research story? What cool facts and findings didn’t make it into the final product, but you loved discovering? 


For one of the final spreads, I had to fill a page up with baked goods.  I had to image search for all my favorite cakes and bread items.  It was torture- everything looked so delicious! 







What is your favorite part of being an artist/author?  Of the whole art and publishing process?  What do you think has been your greatest lesson in the journey thus far? 


Being new to publishing, I had no idea what to expect.  In animation, everything has to be very controlled- you have to work quickly and there’s no real space to be creative if you’re working on a TV series within a department.  But on Wizkit, I had a real opportunity to tell a story that reflected my interests and sense of humor.  It was an amazing opportunity but it was a challenge not to feel daunted by it! It was such a pleasure to work with Julia and Becca at S&S and to have my ideas and bad jokes supported, rather than shut down.  Everyone should be encouraged to be silly 😛



What piece of advice would you want to share with other artists/authors?


“Do what you love” is overused but it’s completely true.  If you have an interest or a passion, then explore that, and don’t let other people put you off.  If you enjoy your work and find a way to make it your own, people will respond positively to what you do.  Wizkit is a combination of all my interests and I’m so glad I just had some fun mixing those things together. 




What else can we expect from you in the near future?


Wizkit 2 is about to get started, so she will get another adventure soon enough!  I’d like to write more, possibly for a different age range or even illustrate for someone else.   Aside from that, I’m still working in animation so maybe some short films or even a TV series… Watch this space!




What is/are your passions when you’re not creating your works? How do you make time for your non-art based hobbies/things you love?


I’ll be honest, I spend an unhealthy amount of time drawing and thinking about stories and characters.  Outside of drawing, I love history and I often go to museums and exhibitions.  Medieval history is my favorite, with a particular interest in illuminated manuscripts which you can see in the pages of Wizkit. 






While you’re working, do you prefer music, silence, other? Please elaborate!


It does depend on what I’m doing.  If I really have to use my brain (writing or blocking out pages) I will probably put on some lo-fi or classical music.  Something that can’t distract me.  If I’m doing something a bit more mindless like clean up or colour, I’ll put on a comedy or History podcast, or possibly an upbeat cheesy playlist I can sing along with.



Do you have any favorite foods or drinks that must be in the vicinity (or must be avoided) while you’re creating a piece of work?


Bread!  Wheat has gotten a bad rep in recent years but you can’t beat a good loaf! And if not bread, it’ll have to be something made from potatoes.  Blessed be potatoes!  But being terribly British, I also have to say I drink countless cups of tea every day. 



Thanks so much, Tanya, for taking the time to answer our questions.

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