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Reviewers Name: Scott Wooldridge Title:  Gideon’s Spear Author: Darby Karchut ISBN: 978-1937053949 Publisher:  Spencer Hill Press Publication Date: February 4, 2014 Core Audience:  Geared towards teenagers and Irish folklore-based fantasy fans. Noteable Aspects:  Filled with snark, heart, and written by someone who has done extensive research on Irish Folklore. Review: As the second book in …

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Reviewer Name: Patty Cryan Title:  Nick of Time Author: Ted Bell ISBN: 0-978-0312-38068 Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin Publication Date: May 13, 2008 Core Audience: Readers young and old who like classic-feeling, swashbuckling adventure Notable Aspects:  A mix of historical facts and fantasy; Review: 

Reviewers Name: Scott Wooldridge Title:  Under a Graveyard Sky Author: John Ringo ISBN: A9781451639193 Publisher:  Baen Publication Date: 9/1/2013 Core Audience: Fans of zombie fiction, fans of end of the world scenarios, military horror Noteable Aspects:  Good concentration on viral sciences without too much “tech speak” Review: In John Ringo’s Under a Graveyard Sky, which …

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