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Many people like to write. Whether it is a journal of their daily activities, a diary of a person’s most secret desires or inner feelings of the day, or something creative, like poetry or a story, people like to write things down. It can be romantic, mysterious, futuristic, fantastical, thrilling, or just plain real-life drama. It might also be something non-fictional, possibly a collection of data to be used in creating the next theory of the Universe.



Our little store that is bigger on the inside is pleased to offer four different style leather journals so that you can give your loved ones a beautiful gift to be able to write anything they desire, and not have to carry a large computer around with them. The styles are:



  1. A Plain art folio

  2. A blue stone with clasp

  3. A tree of life with clasp

  4. A sun-stars-moon with clasp




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Many book lovers will tell you, “I can always find the spot that I left off in a book after I close it”. Then again, there are many who can’t. It usually takes me a long time to find my place if I lose it, even if I am totally into the book. So – what will resolve my time-wasting dilemma? A bookmark!



Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester has a number of book related bookmarks from Out of Print for anyone who has the need to save their spot. It makes a great stocking stuffer, or a small gift.



If you like cats, there are a few adorable cat bookmarks. And if your kids like Pete the Cat, they’ll love this one!





A couple of other bookmarks for book nerds:





Just a few more of our collection for you to choose from:





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Biographies and Memoirs are very popular nowadays, and this little store that is bigger on the inside has a number of new (and older) biographies that run the gambit from funny and light-hearted to very heartwarming and tear-jerking.  It always is interesting to find out that some of your favorite celebrities actually came from dysfunctional, horrible families, and it is even more interesting to learn how they were able to escape their terrible environments. Biographies make great gifts, especially if you know who your loved one has an interest in.




The first biographies I’d like to mention are of people who have led hard lives, or have had awful things happen in their lives, and who worked hard to overcome their problems. Ian Manual was given a life sentence with no chance of parole at the age of 14 for a non-homicidal crime. Trevor Noah was the son of a white man and a South African black woman in South Africa, when a bi-racial child was considered a crime. Hua Hsu never really fit in with US culture, and neither did his only friend. Then his friend was killed in a carjacking. J. Michael Straczynski, now a very well known author of Marvel and DC television/movie fame came from a very dysfunctional family, which included murder and a large secret.







Another hardship memoir, and one that has been very well received is Solito, about a 9-year-old boy’s three-thousand-mile adventure with strangers from El Salvador to the US border to meet his mother who left four years before and father he hardly remembers. The other book is Black Birds in the Sky, about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.







On the lighter side, we have Afro-Latina Adiba Nelson’s Ain’t That a Mother, about Parenthood. We also have #Not Your Princess, Voices of Native American women with over 50 artists revealing hurt from the past and celebrating hope for the future.






Some of the more well-known personalities that have newly released memoirs or biographies are William Shatner, Paul Newman, Bono, and Jann S. Wenner, Rolling Stone founder, Editor and Publisher.







Following those great bios, there is an interesting book by Bill O’Reilly, Killing Legends, The Lethal Danger of Celebrity. I also put the book about Diana, William and Harry in this category, since celebrity I’m sure did play a lethal part in their lives.







The last two biographies are for two people who need no real introduction – Their names are enough to give you an idea of their contributions to this world. One, the literary world, and the other, to the world in general.







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Even though it is not quite Winter yet and the snow has not started to fall, it will soon enough. It can be a great time to search for some great field guides to the outdoors at our little store that’s bigger on the inside. These field guides make great gifts for Nature lovers for the Spring, Summer and Fall, or for anyone who likes flowers, animals, birdwatching, the Seashore or the Night Sky.






We have a number of small pocket guides created so you can take them with you on walks in the woods, hikes in the mountains, even walks along the beach. There is one set of 3 guides together, Field Guides to Wildlife, Birds, Trees and Wildflowers of New England.





For the very active outdoorspeople, there are small foldable guides to camping, day hiking and backpacking.





If you prefer the seashore to the mountains or woods, there are several New England seashore guides, as well.





Other guides for people along their journeys are:






If one likes to look at the sky at night, either while camping in the wilderness where you don’t have the distraction of city lights, or from your home or close to it, the field guide for skywatching helps determine what stars you are looking at. And lastly, whether you are on a walk in the woods or at home looking at your birdfeeder, there are two backyard bird guides that will help identify the beautiful birds in your view.






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Telling ghost stories during the Yuletide season was not just something that Charles Dickens generated out of nowhere. There’s a long tradition of spook tales by firelight during the longest nights of the year. And here, at the little bookstore that’s bigger on the inside, we have your haunting needs covered!

The New England Horror Writers are an organization of local authors who put out an annual anthology of shivery literature. Quite a number of these authors have titles in our inventory and many have also done appearances and signings here.

To date, there are eight collections of stories, with a ninth volume on the horizon. Here are some of the names gracing the various tables of contents of the “Wicked” series volumes one through eight…

Barry Lee Dejasu * Bracken MacLeod *Christine Lajewski * Christopher Golden * Cindy O’Quinn * Curtis M. Lawson * D.E. Ladd * Dan Foley * Dan Szczesny Daniel R. Robichaud * David Bernard * Doungjai Gam Bepko * E.A. Black * Elaine Pascale * Emma Jane Shaw Gibbon * Errick Nunnally

Frank Raymond Michaels * GD Dearborn * Gillian Daniels * Hillary Monahan * Howard Odentz * J. Edwin Buja * James A. Moore * Jane Yolen * Jason Parent Jeffrey Thomas * Jennifer Williams * John C. Foster * John Goodrich * John Grover * K.H. Vaughan * Kali Ann Moulton * Kameryn James * Katherine Silva Kristi Petersen Schoonover * Larissa Glasser * L.L. Soares * Lindsay Moore * Lola J. Clemente * Mary Robles * Matt Bechtel * Matthew M. Bartlett

Morgan Silvia * Nick A. Zaino III * Nick Manzolillo * Patricia Gomes * Paul McMahon * Paul McNamee * Peter N. Dudar * Remy Flagg * Renee Mulhare

Renee S. DeCamillis * Richard Alan Scott * Rob Smales * Roxanne Dent * Sara Marks * Sidney Arcane * Steve Van Samson * Steven La Croix

Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert * Timothy P. Flynn * Tom Deady * Tracy L. Carbone * Trisha J. Wooldridge * Victoria Dalpe * William Carl

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There are people that use Email to send Holiday greeting cards or messages to their loved ones, and there are those people that don’t. Those that don’t usually do one of four things: 1. They don’t send any cards or greetings at all. 2. They telephone their loved ones and share their tidings that way. 3. They visit their friends and family in person if they are local enough, or if they are able to travel, or 4. They send a very nice paper greeting card to them.


So, that being said, Annie’s, the little store that’s bigger on the inside has a great selection of individual paper holiday greeting cards for you to pick from by Laughing Elephant of Seattle. Their mission is to preserve and share vintage commercial artwork from the 1890s to the 1980’s, so you’ll find some of the cards are Art Deco, some are Victoriana, and some are to the age of the Space Race, and all are unique.


From Christmas Cats to Christmas Candles –






And Ships to Silvery Moons,





You’ll find many lovely cards to make your holiday season more cheerful and bright.



As always, thank you for making our shelves your destination.





One thing about the holidays is that it’s one time of year when people like to reconnect with friends and family, and also recognize their service givers with a greeting card. If you are one of these people that likes to send a lot of cards, we have just the thing for you! You may also want to give these as a gift to someone who also like to send them.


Our little bookstore that is bigger on the inside is very pleased to offer you again this year, boxed greeting cards with Winter and Xmas themes by Laughing Elephant, of Seattle, Washington.




Sandra Darling, one of the founders of Green Tiger Press (later known as Laughing Elephant) is also known as Alexandra Day, the artist and creator of the Good Dog Carl series of books, including Merry Christmas Good Dog Carl. Laughing Elephant has put together a boxed set of twelve cards with two cards each of the best six illustrations from this beloved book.





If you are a lover of wild things – wild animals, that is, there is a wonderful Animal’s Holiday set created by Alicia Austin and others for Laughing Elephant that might just meet your needs. As with all of these boxed sets, there are twelve cards, with six different illustrations.






Finally, if Art Deco is your thing, we recommend this stylish boxed set of Season’s Greetings designs. There are twelve cards, with six designs, all from advertising designs from the Art Deco period.





Thank you, as always, for making our shelves your destination.




Every year here at our little bookstore that’s bigger on the inside, we marvel at how many wonderful graphic novels are being newly released or reissued. It’s not hard to see why these are some of our favorite holiday gift recommendations for children, teens, and adults, and this year is no different.

There are adaptations of literary classics, such as William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET by Gareth Hinds and Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN by Gris Grimly.

There are autobiographies such as HEY, KIDDO by Jarrett Krosoczka and DRAGON HOOPS by Gene Luen Yang.

There are original stories for middle readers like STARGAZING, written and illustrated by Jen Wang, as well as newly illustrated favorites for young adults, such as Philip Pullman’s THE GOLDEN COMPASS and Brian Jacques’ REDWALL.

One blog entry can’t possibly list all the graphic novel discoveries you can make here at Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, so please stop in to peruse our selection! And thanks, as always, for making our shelves your destination.

Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Today we’d like to recommend our selection of literary tote bags from Out Of Print, as well as upcycled cloth totes made by our staffer Dot Woodcock!

Out Of Print has been in business since 2010, supporting literacy initiatives with the sales of their book-themed accessories and apparel. We carry a wide variety of their tote bags; some of our long-time favorites are the bookshelf bag and the “Shelf Love” tote.


One of the newest designs that we absolutely love is Miss Piggy as a bookseller and Kermit the Frog as a bookstore patron.

We expect restocks on this tote in the next few weeks.

In addition to these, we encourage you to support local crafters! Dot’s bookbags are sturdy and made with recycled denim and canvas. 

Each is unique, quirky and fun!


Thank you, as always, for making our shelves your destination.


Happy Holiday Shopping Guide! Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, the “bigger on the inside” bookstore at 65 James Street, is happy to present our 2022 recommendations of gifts for the winter holidays.


Mysteries and thrillers always make great gifts for book lovers. This year we decided to highlight some of our local mystery authors, since we like to “shop local”.  A number of the authors whose books we think would make great gifts for mystery fans are from Massachusetts, and many of their books have Massachusetts themes or take place in Massachusetts.


Cate Conte:

The first author is Cate Conte, the acclaimed author of the Cat Cafe Mysteries and the Full Moon Mysteries, as well as the Agatha Award nominated Pawsitively Organic Mysteries written under the name Liz Mugavero. She can be found online at


Cate’s newest book is Gone But Not Furgotten , the sixth in a mystery series filled with felines and crime that’s purrrrfect for cat fanciers and mystery solvers alike! It’s what’s called a cozy mystery, a mystery in which the sleuth is usually but not always a female, an amateur, and has an occupation such as a caterer, bed and breakfast owner, quilter, cat fancier/owner, gardener, librarian, book store owner, florist, dog trainer, teacher, baker, etc. It usually takes place in a small town or village, and many times are part of a series with a quirky supporting cast. The main thing is they are usually FUN.




Cate also is coming out with another new cozy mystery in her Full Moon Mystery series on March 28th, 2023, Witch Way Out. This book is Charmed meets Murder, She Wrote, as an unexpected death completely rocks the Spring Equinox Fair and it’s up to crystal shop owner Violet Mooney to uncover the truth to settle the mayhem. You can pre-order this at ABSW!




Julia Henry:


Another cozy mystery recommendation is The Plot Thickets by Julia Henry.


Julia Henry also lives in Massachusetts, where she sets her mystery series. As Julianne Holmes she writes the Clock Shop Mystery Series, and as J.A. Hennrikus she writes the Theater Cop series. She blogs with the Wicked Cozy Authors ( and Killer Characters (, tweets as @JHAuthors, is on Instagram @JHAuthors, and on Facebook. For more, please visit


In The Plot Thickets, the ever-quintessential New England town of Goosebush, Massachusetts truly shines in springtime, but when an underhanded undertaker digs herself an early grave, it’s up to sixty-something gardening sleuth Lilly Jayne—and her fellow Garden Squad members of course— to unearth the cryptic killer . . .




Clea Simon:


Clea Simon has recently written both cozy mysteries, as in A Cat on the Case, and dark suspense, as in Hold Me Down, using her experience in the Boston/Cambridge music world as background.


Before turning to a life of crime (fiction), Clea Simon was a journalist. Starting as a rock critic, she ended up writing about books and other arts. A native of New York, she came to Massachusetts to attend Harvard University, from which she graduated with high honors, and never left. The author of three nonfiction books and seven mysteries, she lives with her husband, the writer Jon S. Garelick, and their cat, Musetta. She is the author of two previous Witch Cats of Cambridge mysteries: A Spell of Murder and An Incantation of Cats. You can find her online at @Clea_Simon.


In her A Cat on the Case, when a panicked stranger shows up at Charm and Cherish, Becca Colwin feels compelled to help. But when that stranger then disappears, leaving behind her heirloom violin the aspiring witch detective is drawn further into a web of deceit and intrigue complicated by a history that only Becca’s three magical cats truly understand.






In Hold Me Down, Clea Simon’s riveting work of dark suspense , Gal, a middle-aged musician, is back in Boston to play a memorial for her late drummer/best friend, when she finds herself freezing on stage at the sight of a face in the crowd. The next day, she learns that the man she saw has been killed – beaten to death behind the venue – and her friend’s widower is being charged in connection with his death. When the friend refuses to defend himself, Gal wonders why and, as the memories of begin to flood back, she starts her own informal investigation. As she does so, she must reexamine her own wild life, her perception of the past, and an industry that monetizes dysfunction in a dark tale of love, music, and murder.



Hank Phillippi Ryan:


The House Guest is a riveting trademark cat-and-mouse psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling and multiple award-winning author, Hank Phillippi Ryan.


USA Today bestselling author HANK PHILLIPPI RYAN has won five Agatha Awards in addition to Anthony, Macavity, Daphne du Maurier, and Mary Higgins Clark Awards. As on-air investigative reporter for Boston’s WHDH-TV, she’s won 37 Emmys and many more journalism honors. A past president of National Sisters in Crime and founder of MWA University, Ryan lives in Boston with her husband, a nationally renowned civil rights and criminal defense attorney.


The story of The House Guest: After every divorce, one spouse gets all the friends. What does the other one get? If they’re smart, they get the benefits. Alyssa Macallan is terrified when she’s dumped by her wealthy and powerful husband. With a devastating divorce looming, she begins to suspect her toxic and manipulative soon-to-be-ex is scheming to ruin her–leaving her alone and penniless. And when the FBI shows up at her door, Alyssa knows she really needs a friend


Although The House Guest isn’t available until February, you can pre-order it at ABSW, but Hank has many other books that are available now.





As always, thanks for making our shelves your destination!


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