Annie's Book Stop of Worcester

The little bookstore that's bigger on the inside

While we’re quieter this May in regards to events so we can support all of our student volunteers, Annie’s still has a lot of reasons for you to stop in now—and all year long!

For the whole month of May, we’re still having our Spring Cleaning Sale of all the used contemporary and historical romance titles.  Every used title is only $1!  (Sale books cannot be returned as store credit.)

With the Dark Shadows movie coming out this weekend, why not check out some of the Dark Shadows audiobooks and audio dramas?  You might be in for some delightful surprises!

We’re also scheduling some excellent guests throughout the summer:

In June!

12 – Local suspense author, James MacIntosh.

22 – A collection of women authors of horror, science fiction, and fantasy from Broad Universe.

In July!

21 – Fantasy author Elaine Isaak will be offering a professional publishing workshop on July 21.

22 – Michael Colbert, author of the mid-grade book, Adventures in Filgersville, will be speaking and signing.

In August!

11 – Spencer Hill Press will be offering a full-day writer’s workshop specializing in Young Adult, Mid-grade, and New Adult publishing.

16 – Contemporary and urban fantasy author and poet Shira Lipkin will be speaking, reading, and signing with us.

And more excellent guests are in the works!  Follow our blog, sign up for our email, and “Like” us on Facebook for more details and updates.

Also, don’t forget Spinning Yarns happens every Thursday, starting at 7.  We’re currently listening to The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell.  Join us while having fun with your favorite craft or textile.

There’s always a good reason to stop into Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester.

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