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This week’s Local Author’s Spotlight falls on Elf Love. An anthology of short stories featuring tales and edited by local authors Josie Brown, Rose Mambert and Bill Racicot. Published by Pink Narcissus Press. Tales of lust, betrayal, murder and… elves. In this one-of-a-kind collection, 20 original stories enchant, intrigue, and delight as they explore the theme of “Elf Love” in a variety of genres: fantasy, suspense, romance, noir, humor, and much more.

Elves – They’re Not Just Santa’s Helpers Anymore JON BISHOP spends a lot of time role-playing online JOSIE BROWN keeps up the Christmas spirit with tidings of comfort and joy REV DI CERTO is drinking mead with his huscarls ED COOKE is not an elf yet DUNCAN EAGLESON investigates the disappearance of a strip club singer JOANNA FAY is fraternizing with an enemy from the Feather Clan ATHENA GILES is afraid to answer the phone ROSE MAMBERT is harboring Elfin assassins BILL RACICOT is baking cookies in a tree MICHAEL TAKEDA is the harbinger of doom in the Immortal City JUNIPER TALBOT keeps dancing with knives through the Veils OTILIA TENA hears the call of one of the Huldu JAMES THIBEAULT is seeking vengeance for the unseen DAVID VERNAGLIA is being interrogated by the cops on a long friday.

Praise for Elf Love:

“A fabulous collection that will touch any fantasy lover.” –Fantasy Book Review
“Make no mistake – this is not “Fabio” Elf Love. The stories range from comedic to pulp fiction to detective noir to futuristic to tragically demure to downright dark and decadent. In other words, elfin good fun!” –Robert Heske, creator of COLD BLOODED CHILLERS and THE NIGHT PROJECTIONIST

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